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  1. These codes can use only GateWay3DS. Can not be used with the "NTR Client" & "NTR Client with Gateshark" & "Gateshark2NTR" & "Citra". What the plugin provides: ============================================= # Cheats available in this plugin # ============================================= - 100%Catch v1.0 - Catch Trainer's Pokemon v1.0 - (Hold START and Open OPTIONS menu)Access - Camera zoom out(SELECT+L)Enable, (SELECT+ - Enable View of Enemy Pokemon HP v1.0 - Can throw Pokeball at Trial v1.0 - Egg Instant Hatch v1.0 - Able to rename Outsider Pokemon in Name R - Receive Egg from Daycare v1.0 - Can use Z-moves multiple times v1.0 - Z-moves use is possible without Z-Crystal - Raises the all Status of a Pokemon by 6 s - No Outlines v1.0 - Max Money v1.0 - Walk & Run Speed Multiplier v1.0 - Instant Messages v1.0 - BP9999 v1.0 - No Encounter, Hold START Instant Encounte - No Forced Trainer Battles v1.0 - Rematch Trainers (Hold L & talk to Traine - (START+L)Wild Pokemon Shiny, (START+R)Dis - Wild Pokemon Modifier v1.0 - (SELECT + UP)All TMs & HMs v1.0 - (SELECT + UP)All MEDICINE x950 - (SELECT + UP)All BERRIES x950 - (SELECT + UP)All ITEMS x950 v1.0 - (SELECT + UP)All Z-Crystal v1.0 - (SELECT + UP)All Rotom Power x950 v1.0 - Pokemon Can Learn Any HM/TM v1.0 - QR Scan Point 100 v1.0 - No QR Scanning Wait Time v1.0 - Always critical hit v1.0 I will do updates to the plugin in the future, so keep in mind. Note: [Wild Pokemon Modifier v1.0] 005B9FC0 E1D500B0 005B9FC4 E12FFF1E 005B9FC8 E5C40004 005B9FCC E59F0000 005B9FD0 E12FFF1E 005B9FD4 00000XXX <- Pokemon ID 005B9FD8 000000YY <- Pokemon LV 003A7298 EB084B48 003A72A8 EB084B44 003A72C4 EB084B3D DD000000 00000004 005B9FC4 E59F000C D0000000 00000000 Then hold SELECT until you get a encounter [Walk & Run Speed Multiplier v1.0] 003A9A60 XXXXXXXX x0.5:3F000000, x1:3F800000, x1.5:3FC00000, x2:40000000, x2.5:40200000 00040000001B5100.rar
  2. I was able to get the Shiny Kangaskhan with Body Slam and Power-Up Punch to work. I just need to somehow figure a way to get the Shiny Machamp With No Guard and Fissure to work.
  3. I guess the alternative would be return for the Kangaskhan but I saw video somewhere where the opposite player was able to use a No Guard Machamp online in Pokemon Sun and Moon. How he got it online? I do not know. This is what I am trying to figure out. The only close theory I can come up with was that he was running a cheat menu through CFW. Here's the Video:
  4. As the title says, I am requesting a No Guard Fissure Machamp and a Kangaskhan with Body Slam and Power-Up Punch. If possible, would some one be so kindly to post up the pkm files of these two or post up a tutorial of genning them. Because I try to recreate them and wasn't able to use them online. I try recreating the Machamp from gen 1 and genning no guard on it considering it can learn the move Fissure in Generation 1 as a TM. The Kangaskhan didn't work either for some reason. I tried to give the Kangaskhan power-up punch while having the move Body Slam and that didn't seem to pass the legality check online. Thank You-
  5. I figure that with shiny mew it's strictly forbidden to try to change the ivs, nature because it would tamper with the PID making the pokemon illegal. I want to make a PID, SID, TID and a OT that can work with shiny mew with the nature careful.
  6. Thanks. Also I wanted to know can you edit any of the old gen pkm files to the point where you can input your own TID and SID? I tried the Mew out and was able to get it shiny but it won't work if I put softboiled, will-o-wisp, taunt and knock off.
  7. What file or name the shiny Mew and Lugia is named under so I can be sure.
  8. I can do a simple request for you if you want. You just have to trade your Manaphy's to me and I'll edit them for the desire natures. I added you. My friend code is 5172-4558-4055
  9. Hi, I am requesting PKM files that can work online such as Shiny Mew and Lugia or a Mew that can learn the move Defog. Currently right now I'm having trouble trying to Gen a Shiny Lugia and a Shiny Mew to work. I looked into RoC's-PC and found the files but it has been a hassle trying to get them to work online. If you can be so kind to please introduce me to a file that worked for you or a link that might provide me with the gen files that worked. I may know the reason for shiny Mew but people have talk about obtaining it from the island event on Emerald and being able to exploit a shiny Mew to work. If these Pokemon are shiny lock let me know. I appreciate it very much. Note: When I was trying to gen for Shiny Lugia and Shiny Mew, I made sure it was event and not one where I could try to do manually cause I knew about the difficulty of trying to obtain one.
  10. Hi, I am requesting PKM files from 1-802 full party box. It can be a save file or a file I can down with some legitimacy. This is for PKHex usage, thank you.
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