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  1. Try to save in game once. It worked with S/M for me. (It's not a problem of JKSM as I tried it with other save managers and they put the same result)
  2. Opening the save file of the DEMO of sun and moon, the Greninja results hacked for these reasons: Unable to match to a Mistery Gift in the database Species not obtainable prior to Bank release.
  3. It isn't true. In ORAS you must have the pokemon bank and a special version of JKSM (JKSM_Bank), but on Sun and Moon you just need JKSM. The only "problem" is that sometimes when starting the JKSM it crashes on a yellow screen, and so I found out you just need to go in game and save again once. (I don't know what causes it). It is the same on both 11.1 and 11.2.
  4. I'm not skeptical, I've just problems running the program as my PC automatically deletes it, and I don't want to disable every protection in the system.
  5. I want to signale that my PC doesn't let me use this program because both Avira and Windows 10 defender block this. I disabled Avira and Windows 10 says that there is a "[Trojan:Win32/Manrele.J!cl] in [Gen3 Event tool 0.1d.exe]" This forces me to power off PC, and I don't want to disable PC defender at all, also because then I need to delete the program every time.
  6. Hi, first of all good work with the new version of Pkhex, now all bugs are solved. I just noticed that if I try to verify pokemon HG save checksum I receive, pasting from the clipboard, "Large block checksum is invalid", but I don't know if this is normal or not. Anyway, here's my request: Is it possible to add a mode that locks the pokemon tab cheating? It can be useful for who just want to clone its pokemon, and always clicking "View" -> "Paste" you may change something for a mistake. For example in the old pokesavs you were able to just click "Save" and "restore" without any risk to editing because you need to click "edit" to do it. So I'd like something like this is in a simple way like an option that disable pokemon editing. I hope it will be considered.
  7. In the pokemon infos, if I go to see a legit event pokemon received in HGSS (If it is in a Cherish ball or in any other ball it doesn't change anything), I can't see the capture ball of him, but the ball is in the list anyway. If I save the pk4 file and open it in the Pokegen (or in the pokehex again), the ball isn't here so pokehex has modified the pokemon and it becomes cheat. Another thing: Is it normal that in the 6 gen event pokemon from 4 gen have "None" as Encounter?
  8. I was making some tests and I noticed an error. It happens clicking on "Give All" on 3 gen (Emerald) Here you can see the "Log"
  9. I can add that this bug is extended to HM07, not only the HM08
  10. No, unless you have a Jap Console and a Jap game you won't be able to receive it.
  11. My Wc has been contributed now.
  12. As you can see here my Gengar event was never contributed so I'm glad to do it. I didn't take a photo when receiving it but I still have the card so look here. [ATTACH]13629[/ATTACH]
  13. Yeah I thought the problem was that it was only contributed the male version of the card. I'll contribute with my female version tomorrow.
  14. Well I think ALL wc6 inserted in the Rar (except for the folder "z. Uncertain (legitimacy cannot be confirmed)") had a proof with them, right?
  15. Ah, I understand now. But do wc6 full need to be restored with pokehex like standard wc6? I think both wc6 types generate legit pokemon if themselves are legit.
  16. Hi, can I know why is Ntr method preferred? Isn't pokehex export safe?
  17. Well my event is legit because I obtained it via Serial code by myself, so I think it needs to be added and seen as legit. Anyway I was talking about eon ticket because it is on a wondercard between event pokemon sprites, so it isn't really unnecessary.
  18. So I was enjoying to see how is my save made using Pokehex (I never use this, just to look), and I saw that Pokehex says my shiny event gengar is cheat, when it obviously isn't. Here the errors: Invalid relearn move 1: Expected no Relearn moves Invalid relearn move 2: Expected no Relearn moves Invalid: Not a valid Wondercard gift. Relearn moves are: Sladge wave, Astonish. Another thing I can say, is that pokehex don't have an Eon ticket sprite and I see a Missigno sprite instead. It looks bad.
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