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  1. I posted a bug about that just before the hack, you'll probably find it about five pages down.
  2. I imported the Celebi, Shiny Raikou and Shiny Entei PCD wonder cards into my SoulSilver save to transfer to Black with the Relocator, but there was no delivery man at the Poké Mart. When I checked the card album there was only one wonder card which was full of question marks, said it had been received before and had a recieved date of September 4th 2020. Also, dragging the PCD file from Windows Explorer to the PCD slot results in a question mark icon in the slot but using the Import button to load the PCD file, selecting the slot and setting the wonder card shows the correct pokémon and item icon. Using PGT wonder cards works fine, able to collect in-game and drag and drop from Windows Explorer. I'm using the latest source from Github, by the way.
  3. I increased the number of Rare Candies I was holding from 2 to 500 in PKHeX, but when I reloaded it showed I still had only 2. When I load the PKHeX-edited save in PokéGen, it shows only 2 as well. Here's the hex comparison of what was changed: Comparing files heartgold.sav and HEARTGOLD_PKHEX.SAV 00021700: 03 00 00021A0E: 84 49 00021A0F: 0B 11 00040B92: 02 F4 00040B93: 00 01 0004F626: 66 2C 0004F627: DF F8
  4. I edited my Platinum save in PKHeX for more Master Balls for all those irritating roaming legendaries and my Rock Climb HM was corrupted. It became "TM 2 -" in-game and ??? in PKHeX. I tried to add it back and HM08 wasn't on the list. I had to use PokéGen to fix it.
  5. Disabling driver signing enforcement is only necessary to update the firmware in the NDS Adapter Plus. Zadig is not a "tool designed for legacy operating systems", it is fully compatible with all versions of Windows from Vista on. The NDS Adapter Plus is more convenient to me than the glitchy Homebrew Menu on 3DS. I just attach my DS cart and plug it into my PC, copy the save file, edit it in Pokegen and write it back to the cart. It's a shame there's nothing like it for 3DS Pokémon games. Nintendo is playing whack-a-mole at the moment with the Homebrew entry points, so getting the Homebrew Menu working at all is a chore if you've updated the system software (which is mandatory for redeeming the Darkrai event codes as I found out today) and didn't have the foresight to buy Cubic Ninja before the price exploded.
  6. I've fixed this issue to my satisfaction. I converted the driver to use Microsoft's built-in USB driver, which is signed, and built Jaron Viëtor's Linux command-line tool in Windows to access the new driver. I've attached the tool to this post. You need to have installed EMS's driver first and upgraded the firmware to v3.05 using the Windows driver and tools from http://www.hkems.com/download%20-%200907.htm - note the Linux/Mac option and the author's Github at the top, it's this source code that I compiled in Windows. For anyone having problems disabling Driver Signature Enforcement, this is the only way that worked for me: To disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10, go to Start > Settings > Update and Security. Select Recovery from the list on the left hand side and then click the Restart Now button under Advanced start-up. Then click Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > Startup Settings and then click the Restart button at the bottom right. Your PC will restart and give you a list of options, press F7 and Windows will start. Once you have installed the driver and upgraded the firmware, you can use EMS's NDS_Adapter_Plus_V3.03.exe tool to access your device. The problem is that when you reboot, Windows will block the EMS driver until you do the steps in the previous paragraph again. If you can't use command-line tools or the Windows Command Prompt, stop here because you won't be able to use EMS's tool anymore if you continue with the rest of this. Reboot your PC to re-enable Driver Signature Enforcement. To fix the driver you need a program called Zadig from http://zadig.akeo.ie/ - the version for Windows Vista and later is what you want. Download zadig_2.2.exe and put it somewhere you can find it. Plug in your NDS Adapter Plus. Double click your zadig_2.2.exe and select the Options menu and List All Devices, you should see an entry called EMS Inter-Link Cable, select this and then select "libusb0 (v" in the box to the right of the green arrow using the fiddly little buttons and click Replace Driver. Now you can open a Command Prompt and use ndsplus.exe to read and write save files without having to disable Driver Signature Enforcement. Enter "ndsplus -h" to get a list of the options, or use "ndsplus -b savefile.sav" to backup and "ndsplus -r savefile.sav" to restore. EDIT: It might not detect the save file size properly in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, don't know why. Just add "-s 524288" before the "-b" or "-s" switch to force it to copy 512KB.
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