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  1. Eye orgasm! Wow! What do you want for them?
  2. Thanks for sharing! Learned alot from this thread. Anyone knows if the IVS in gen.7 will be same as older generation?
  3. Cool! Thanks for updating, I'm really waiting for this gen
  4. Can you be more specific in your questions? It's realy hard to understand what you really need.
  5. I'm waiting for it, Anyone knows if there is published release date?
  6. Someone knows how to make the pokeshifter work?
  7. You can check the wikipedia page. I'm not sure the game number, but for sure it is a spin off.
  8. There are plenty on Ebay. If you have any pokemon go new staff I would buy
  9. Do not use hacks. You also better not using any api-releated iv calculator or app. use only iv calculator that calculating server side and not using the nintendo api server to do that.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new and I love playing Pokemon, currently playing Pokemon GO and I'm level 22. What about you?
  11. What's your best Pokemon GO IV Score? Mine is Snorlax with 96% IV Score, need some candies and going to power it up. currently 854CP. I tested it at http://www.pgoiv.com
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