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  1. Unfortunately, I do not have an extra 19-A058, and I don't have 19-A063 at all. Since I'm only looking for a few Emerald cards, I suppose might as well list them publicly too. 19-A021 19-A032 19-A034 19-A040 19-A059 19-A061 19-A062 19-A063 19-A064 19-M011 19-M015
  2. Just wanted to hear back before sending you the sheet. I'll shoot you a message in a moment. When I was looking to collect the Colosseum cards, most listings just had 2 packs for sale, so I bought a Yellow/Green pair expecting a Red/Blue pair to show up. One of those 2 (I forget which) didn't appear at all until a listing with all 4 appeared, so I bought it. And thus I have duplicate Yellow/Green. All of my cards are opened. I buy pre-opened where possible to save some money because I'm going to open them anyway. All of my duplicates are sleaved and in a top-loader. I'm not too interested in the cards outside of the regular sets, but I'll still pick them up if the price seems reasonable. Haven't really searched for non-Emerald cards in a while either. That said, Decoration Present would be nice to have. It's really cool to see that Club Nintendo set up for sale, but that's waaaay out of the range of what I'm willing to spend on cards.
  3. My mind is blown! I've been considering posting the same question for years. It's kind of surreal seeing someone else ask for the same thing. I have a complete FRLG set and a near complete Emerald set, plus a whole lot of duplicates from both sets. I'm missing 9 Emerald trainers and 2 map cards. I haven't put together a spreadsheet of my duplicates, but I can spend some time tomorrow putting one together. I also have extra Green and Yellow Colosseum sets if that's of interest.
  4. This thread is nearly 9 years old and from before the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection shutdown. I highly doubt any of these work anymore.
  5. There's some in the event gallery. I think all the Gen 6 and 7 ones are Japanese and Korean.
  6. The bug was fixed. You can only get a max of one now.
  7. As far as your OS is concerned, the save file is just a file. It doesn't know it's a sav or main file. Do not add an extension to main and remove any extensions it may have. Correct: main Incorrect: main.pk7, main.sav, main._main
  8. Honestly, I'm not really sure. I only use my CFW Switch to trade edited Pokemon to my OFW Switch. The only way I'm aware of is to run CFW on the non-CFW Switch just long enough to inject the save. Obviously, this carries some risk of Nintendo detecting the CFW and banning the Switch.
  9. This is not possible because Switch carts don't store saves. All saves are stored in the Switch's internal storage. Injecting a save into a Switch requires that the Switch is modded.
  10. I actually asked him why he hadn't deleted his save. It was simply because he didn't want to lose his Pokemon and he didn't want to go through the hassle of trading them all to another game. 10+ years of laziness saved the day! As for his brother, I can only assume it was the same.
  11. I don't know if it makes any difference, but they both got it at the same time, so that might be why they are the same. I would assume the distribution cart didn't need to be rebooted between consecutive distributions.
  12. I met up with Yukfou earlier today and got his Emerald save. His brother apparently also got the Mystic Ticket, so I've included his save as well in case it's of use. Enjoy! [ATTACH]13406[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13407[/ATTACH]
  13. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/2005_World_Championships_(TCG) Also, the 2005 TCG Championships were held in California.
  14. Great! Is that a common problem with the built in image uploader?
  15. Is it showing up now? If not, I can try uploading to imgur and linking to it.
  16. I've been following this thread for about 2-3 months now. For what ever reason, it randomly occurred to me last night that my friend had said something in passing about how he had obtained one of the third gen events. I sent him a text and he sent that pic back. I really appreciate people like you who take the time to preserve these events, and it make me incredibly happy to know that I have a way to contribute!
  17. Do you guys still need the American Mystic Tickets? I have a friend who still has his Mystic Ticket in Emerald. Next time I see him, I can dump his save for you. Should be able to do so in the next week or two. He got it from Nintendo World in New York back in '05. If any of you hang out on the Nintendo Age forums, he's Yukfou over there. All credit goes to him, obviously.
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