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  1. I also have a level 9 Pidgeotto caught in Viridian Forest (Yellow) that is marked as illegal for not having a third move. Pidgeotto doesn't learn a third move via level up until level 12. And a level 3 Pikachu from Viridian Forest (Blue) with 2 moves that PKHeX says should have 4 moves, but it doesn't get its third level up move until level 9 and fourth at level 16. (Or levels 6 and 8 in Yellow.) 017 - PIDGEOTTO - 2482.pk1 025 - PIKACHU - FD84.pk1
  2. Saves for Switch games are not stored on the cartridge. They are stored in the Switch's internal memory. To answer the other part of your question, a SwSh game+dlc save will work with any combination of physical and digital game+dlc.
  3. I just want to say thank you to @theSLAYER for taking the time to improve the IV display. While the previous display was good enough for what I needed, this new version is much better!
  4. IV information is already displayed on the website for Pokemon with wonder cards. Check the displayed markings. For example, this one is 31/?/31/31/31/? and this one has 3 random 31 IVs
  5. @theSLAYER Good to know. Thanks for the explanation.
  6. @SkyLink24 I take it this means that if I evolve a Nincada that's been in Home, both the Ninjask and Shedinja are now safe to deposit. Right?
  7. They have the symbol of whatever game last deposited it. My Magearna and Zeraora have a Shield symbol now because I had them in Shield for a bit before re-depositing them.
  8. I have 6 DexNav Koffing so far. PkHeX reports they are all ability slot 1 or 2. I don't recall what the Hidden Ability odds are, but it doesn't look likely.
  9. I'm working on testing DexNav as well. I'll report back with my results when I'm done.
  10. I think you can get Koffing with the HA ability slot via ORAS DexNav. Though, there would be no way to tell if it has that ability slot without using PkHeX or importing up to Home.
  11. All VC Pokemon receive their HA (if they have one) when transferred to Bank via Transporter.
  12. I'm pretty sure the following would work. Catch Shiny Lugia/Ho-oh in VC Gen II Send to Bank (this gives them their HA) Withdraw in Gen VII and teach Roost via TM19.
  13. Yes. Either from Colosseum or XD.
  14. That Absol originated in LeafGreen. It could never have been a Shadow Pokemon and therefore could never have been purified.
  15. The tool's wiki lists "Obtain the Mythical Pokémon not catchable from the ticket events after completing the game." as a feature. The only Pokemon that this could possibly describe for Generation 3 is Celebi. https://github.com/trigger-segfault/TriggersPC/wiki/Features#Events
  16. This is the part that answers your question. Most shinys transferred from Bank will be star shiny, but there's a small chance they will become square shiny instead.
  17. Unfortunately, I do not have an extra 19-A058, and I don't have 19-A063 at all. Since I'm only looking for a few Emerald cards, I suppose might as well list them publicly too. 19-A059 19-A061 19-A062 19-A063 19-A064
  18. Just wanted to hear back before sending you the sheet. I'll shoot you a message in a moment. When I was looking to collect the Colosseum cards, most listings just had 2 packs for sale, so I bought a Yellow/Green pair expecting a Red/Blue pair to show up. One of those 2 (I forget which) didn't appear at all until a listing with all 4 appeared, so I bought it. And thus I have duplicate Yellow/Green. All of my cards are opened. I buy pre-opened where possible to save some money because I'm going to open them anyway. All of my duplicates are sleaved and in a top-loader. I'm not too interested in the cards outside of the regular sets, but I'll still pick them up if the price seems reasonable. Haven't really searched for non-Emerald cards in a while either. That said, Decoration Present would be nice to have. It's really cool to see that Club Nintendo set up for sale, but that's waaaay out of the range of what I'm willing to spend on cards.
  19. My mind is blown! I've been considering posting the same question for years. It's kind of surreal seeing someone else ask for the same thing. I have a complete FRLG set and a near complete Emerald set, plus a whole lot of duplicates from both sets. I'm missing 9 Emerald trainers and 2 map cards. I haven't put together a spreadsheet of my duplicates, but I can spend some time tomorrow putting one together. I also have extra Green and Yellow Colosseum sets if that's of interest.
  20. This thread is nearly 9 years old and from before the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection shutdown. I highly doubt any of these work anymore.
  21. There's some in the event gallery. I think all the Gen 6 and 7 ones are Japanese and Korean.
  22. The bug was fixed. You can only get a max of one now.
  23. As far as your OS is concerned, the save file is just a file. It doesn't know it's a sav or main file. Do not add an extension to main and remove any extensions it may have. Correct: main Incorrect: main.pk7, main.sav, main._main
  24. Honestly, I'm not really sure. I only use my CFW Switch to trade edited Pokemon to my OFW Switch. The only way I'm aware of is to run CFW on the non-CFW Switch just long enough to inject the save. Obviously, this carries some risk of Nintendo detecting the CFW and banning the Switch.
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