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  1. I love this update. (Suprise, surprise, I absolutely love the 2nd one.) I feel this will be clearer for everyone going forward!
  2. @sceptios, The use of markings for fixed IVs is not helpful. The animated rotation of the values actually doesn't work on my tablet. Furthermore, this does not compensated for Pokemon with other fixed values for the IVs. (For example: the Home reward Mythics have fixed values other than 31.) I do not understand why if the Item info (which is useless 99.9% of the time) is shown clearly but the IVs are not.
  3. I'm excited for this... *cough* as there's no such thing as Regional-Locked Serial Codes. *fingers crossed*
  4. Hey all! The event is out... does anyone know if the IVs are fixed or not??? Project Pokemon is still NOT listing IV information in the Event Database. @theSLAYERdo you have any insight as to the one added to the Event Database??
  5. Oh, the irony! Yesterday, Item 0x1604 was discovered to be the not-yet-named Hidden Ability Capsule. (I would have loved to start stocking those up on my save!)
  6. @theSLAYER, I am repeating this question here because I feel like I will not be the only one to ask this or be confused. There is a Basic & a Rigel version of all the newer Events in the Events Gallery. Which one is the correct one to use my game? I have not seen the answer to this posted ANYWHERE. (Since I suspect there may be a 3rd or 4th once the 2nd Expansion comes out, I figured clarity would help people.)
  7. Hey all! Would you please add to the individual Pokémon Mystery Gifts in the the Event Pokémon Database an additional category of displayed information for Individual Values? The simple fact is that most Pokémon Mystery Gifts in the database have some number of fixed IV values. It would be nice to know if Pokémon Mystery Gift in the the Event Pokémon Database has some number of fixed IV's without having to down the event from the website and find a matching editor just to see that said Legendary has 3 fixed IVs all set to a value of 31. You could have the database show someth
  8. Hello all, For those who do not know me, I studied under a video game development program in the early 2000's. While I did not end up pursuing development as a career, I still actively apply the knowledge to trying to understand what's under the hood of the franchise that first made me want to go into video game development: Pokémon. I am not a code hunter. I am more of enthusiast who enjoys sharing this information with the masses so we all can maintain a database of LIVE RAM Edits for the insight and befenfit of the community as a whole to increase the overall understanding of what is
  9. I am personally under the opinion it was just to piss me off! Since every single Pokemon that I have caught or bred since December 2017 has been caught in a Beast Ball, I feel this was directed at people like me. It was over 2.5 hours for the first Mewtwo caught in Ultra Space with a Beast Ball. I had to breed a Smeargle specifically for Mewtwo's caught after that to Imprision their Recover. I bred EVERYTHING into Beast Balls. (It pains me to see Alolan and Galarian starters in regular Beast Balls!)
  10. I really hope with the return of the Ultra Beasts we do see a pocket of Ultra Space AND A bloody Beast Ball vendor. Trading myself for Beast Balls is just no fun!
  11. Thanks for that! Looks like if they add any more new HA's down the line... Bank won't help us unlock them.
  12. You are talking about the Galarian for Kantonian trader, right? I can test that. (In theory since they seem to appear at Random. This also provides 0 control over IVs or Shininess.) Also @theSLAYERthe Discord link above goes nowhere.
  13. @theSLAYER, do the VC mons show "Levitate (H)" when transfered into SM/USUM? (Home does NOT update the ability! It's SwSh that update the ability! My Neutralizing Gas showed Levitate on Home until transferring it into SwSh.)
  14. Koffing/Weezing is for sure in the Dream World (Rugged Mountain). It's definitely not in the Friend Safari. (It's also seems it was available in ORAS.) GameFreak will continue to make more Regional Variants over time, it's only safe to assume more Pokemon lines like Wingul/Peliper and Koffing/Weezing will have their abilties change to gain a Hidden Ability to the species. Since it's only a matter of time, before we loose Pokemon Bank and the 3DS servers forever. I am attempting to find out which Pokemon without a Hidden Ability CURRENTLY can be caugh with the game set to said non-existent H
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