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  1. @theSLAYER, this proves absolutely nothing. Is the goal to make a Pokémon which cannot be transferred via the restriction? (I believe that I can do that. Step one is to check the one thing PKHeX is ignoring in Gen 8 for legality checks.) See everyone in a few hours. In addition to values on the Pokémon on the receiving end, I imagine there are one of two things server-side (if not both occuring): There is a formula for assigning Home ID's based upon how it arrived which includes a check for if it came from PoGo directly. (If this is the only check, you would have to re-assign a HOM
  2. There's also this: There's more than enough changes to mon for Home to see it different than RAW never been to a game before mon. (Simularly... once you transfer them into a game... they may be good in every future title.)
  3. You really think that is a deterrent?!? LOL!! Unfortunately, the assumption the information was on said Event Flags is wrong. You will notice that the link you provide makes no mention of the Dex-less Mythicals. No Mew, Celebii, nor Genesect. However, no shortage of players can confirm that a Pokémon Go mon produces an error in Home when trying to trade it to Sw/Sh were the same species is not mapped as caught. Non-Go mons are permitted to unlock data but Go mons are NOT permitted to unlock Dex data for you. I assume the base Dex data is stored as an array. So, there has to be an ar
  4. You mean if I keep re-rolling that I might end up with an Xor=1 for Let's Go Meltan/Melmetals?!? Just need to confirm because I have no issue spending the time... just want to confirm those non-0 values also included a Xor=1 in there! Where??? Link? Please!
  5. @theSLAYER I believe the LGPE assessment would be correct: I forgot that Bank to Home made that shift on Fateful Encounters. I will just stick with my 31/31/31/31/31/0 red bug from POGO. It's just gross to think that the legal checks will now have to go back and verify the dates of Legendary Pokémon from Raids to be accurate. *cringe* Side note: Is there any word on if the next version of PKHeX will show the Dex data that Pokemon Home reads for the non-numbered mons? Pokemon Home adds an extra restriction to Pokémon Go mon that they cannot be transfered if the Dex on the receiv
  6. Hello all! I transfered over 3 of my spare Shiny Pokémon from Pokémon Go: I figured I would share some information for the Legality aspect of the game: Pokémon only obtained in Raids (most Legendary & some Mythical) can only be caught in a Premiere Ball Pokémon only obtained in Raids at lowest level can be 20 since Raids are either Lv. 20 or Lv. 25 for weather boosted Some Legendary Pokémon have been available as weekly rewards which opens up those Pokémon to be caught in regular balls at Lv. 15 The Met Date reflects POGO's met date (NOT the transfer date ak
  7. The consideration to your point @theSLAYERis that the original design of the game was for Square to be "special." There was never a flag added to the Raids for forced Shiny Stars. The Promoted Raid Shiny were also considered to be special. On paper the Squares are the more special of the two. However, due to poor coding, the opposite ended up being the case. GameFreak clearly missed the programming oversight which led to Squares being the more common of the two Shiny types in the overworld... and I highly doubt that GameFreak could predict that suspending the monitoring of the system cloc
  8. There was announcement earlier this year I believe it was tied to the Shiny Zerora or Celebi that Event Pokémon Shiny's going forward would ONLY be Square. Since this announcement was before the Crown Tundra's development was most likely not finished, it would make perfect sense that they would restrict Legendary Pokémon in-game to only being available in Stars... to help make the Squares feel special. (Which I love as a competitor who hates Squares... cause they make zero logical sense... and because Mythics are always barred from real competitions, I prefer this stance.)
  9. (this is the least wordy way that I could express this so sorry for the vomit of words...) I know from the Live RAM Edit/Cheat Code community that the memory address used to return the Shiny-status result to the memory sector which handles generating all Pokémon is NOT the same for the Dynamax Adventure Pokémon. The function is clearly returning the result to a memory address in that sector exclusively for the Dynamax Adventure Pokémon. It also has been confirmed that the game does dynamically assign a SEED to calculate all the attributes (excluding the Shiny-status) or that's my und
  10. I love this update. (Suprise, surprise, I absolutely love the 2nd one.) I feel this will be clearer for everyone going forward!
  11. @sceptios, The use of markings for fixed IVs is not helpful. The animated rotation of the values actually doesn't work on my tablet. Furthermore, this does not compensated for Pokemon with other fixed values for the IVs. (For example: the Home reward Mythics have fixed values other than 31.) I do not understand why if the Item info (which is useless 99.9% of the time) is shown clearly but the IVs are not.
  12. I'm excited for this... *cough* as there's no such thing as Regional-Locked Serial Codes. *fingers crossed*
  13. Hey all! The event is out... does anyone know if the IVs are fixed or not??? Project Pokemon is still NOT listing IV information in the Event Database. @theSLAYERdo you have any insight as to the one added to the Event Database??
  14. Oh, the irony! Yesterday, Item 0x1604 was discovered to be the not-yet-named Hidden Ability Capsule. (I would have loved to start stocking those up on my save!)
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