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  1. I have a question about the legality of lets go pikachu pokemon in Home/ Sword and Shield. If you create a shiny Melmetal with pkhex or clone one in lets go pikachu/eevee and later transfer it to home does each one get a different hometracker ? Is creating in lets go safe just like creating in sun and moon ? And do Pokemon Go Pokemon (IOS ANDROID) that are transferred to Home any new things to consider while creating in Sword/Shield ?
  2. Iwwould never create illegal mons and handle them like normal ones. Thats just unfair for all players for testing there is showdown and for fun in game in combination with mods its totally fine but not online or in bank/home. I even have two different systems one with mods/pkhex were i trade legal pkhexmons offline to my regular switch to avoid a ban. I use pkhex most of the time just for events that i missed or that are impossible for me to get in my country/town. So thanks for the in depth details on how these new gen 8 mechanics. I hope this helps others too.
  3. It should be quite difficult for Nintendo/Gamefreak to track all this nonsense(offline trades)... and the home tracker is different for each and every individual zeraora ?
  4. oh ok thanks ! so a pokemon from pkhex does look visually the same as a legit one ? and the server trackes where it was first deposited perhaps even the complete history... so the pokemon is not quite legal because the server recognizes the first appearance... one more stupid question ,,and HOME tracker being unique, all distributed entries of this Pokémon are effectively clones '' does this unique means per pokemon or one home tracker for all the event zeraoras ever distributed ?
  5. would it be any different from the legit one you get in home ? so it has no unique home tracker ? only zero? and the legit one shows Home as origin game and the pkhex one sword ? i thought the legit one would have the home symbol icon right from the language icon (just like pokeball magearna) ... so is the pkhex one easily recognizable ?
  6. hi one more question in the new zeraora event page it states that ,,and HOME tracker being unique, all distributed entries of this Pokémon are effectively clones´´ if i put this mon in pkhex it has an all zero home tracker is this a mistake ? if it then has a different home tracker (clones) and i put it in home via pkhex and shield/sword will it state that it comes from home or will it come from sword/shield.... is it legal than ???
  7. Yeah at least it is not completely impossible to hack because of the lokal multiplayer aspect of pokemon. But if this ends one day the game will be almost hack free. I kinda hate these new no mega and no ultra necrozma or primals rules every time its a new gimmick and the producers make it worse by not listening to what fans want... the game feels unfinished and even i modded the game. but at least they tried new things and made some good changes in training and in game pokemon modification.
  8. yeah forgot about that but the subscription is not needed basic is enough ...
  9. Its kind of complicated to use 3 different programs just do get 1 Pokemon so i wait some time for more than one event and use pkhex often only for comfort purposes. So they do have some sort of special tracker in that get recognized from home and is saved somewhere in Home. So i try to get at least one event pokemon for legal purposes. Thanks for the support !
  10. One question about the assigned home tracker in Home-Event-Pokemon you get from distributions. When creating one such Pokemon just like the Shiny-Zeraora that is to be distributed, one you missed or one you clone and later put it in sword order shield should you put an all zero home tracker in ? so when you put it in Home for the first time it gets a new tracker and becomes ,,legal'' or do they all have special trackers and stay illegal ? And what does the ffffff1 tracker in some of the home event based files mean ? So if you miss one event can you safely use pkhex to obtain it later ?
  11. In fact some people have hacked the switch lite early this year but it is not publicly available. Lan play is also usable with a vpn switch lan play tool available on gbatemp.net . But i would not risk it if you only own one switch.
  12. if you hack your switch its at risk to get banned but you should enable airplane mode when using any custom firmware such as homebrew menu and jksv/checkpoint. homebrew sometimes give an sd card error (when send to Nintendo could get you banned) so go to system settings -> console-> and deactivate error message sending...
  13. The official Nintendo customer support page states that you can update games through a local user group (no internet/wifi required). However, you must be on firmware 4.0.0 or above and you need at least 2 consoles. Press +/- on your controller and go to Software Update -> Match Version with Local Users -> Next ... I hope this works for Pokemon Games. I also don't want to be banned from updating the games (later for DLC Pokemon)
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