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  1. Yep. Since you have Homebrew, you should be able to get the .cia file from 3DSiso or another site and run it as if it were a Virtual Console game.
  2. Damnit... I already used that one to get a Roserade... Guess I'll be trading with my copy of Y (I'd been trying to avoid doing that to make the game feel like as legitimate of a playthrough as possible, but I need me dat Togekiss).
  3. So I have been catching Roselias for hours now in an attempt to get a Shiny Stone to evolve my Togetic into Togekiss. About how small of a chance are we talking about to find a Roselia holding a Shiny Stone?
  4. Realized the problem. When I convert from a .SAV to a .DAT file, I got from the proper file size to 287KB, which obviously is not the proper size. How should I be changing the file extension? EDIT: Never mind! Figured it out :3 I forgot to use the "Show file extensions" option.
  5. Awesome stuff, I got everything all set up. Speaking of your help, I followed your save file guide in an attempt to get my cartridge Blue / Yellow onto my eShop ones. I ended up getting the notification for both games that my save file had been corrupt and then the only option was to start a new game. Any ideas?
  6. Oh wow. I hadn't heard of that project until I Googled it just now. Phenomenal stuff. I downloaded the .cia and installed it on my Homebrewed O3DSXL, which is the one my "Green" is on. Currently, it fails to open, which I think may be because I imported the .cia via DevMenu (With my Gateway) rather than with Homebrew. If that's the correct thought process, I'll need to research how to import .cia files via Homebrew. I definitely hope the developer figures out the save data conundrum of the Japanese games. But even if they don't, what they have is absolutely brilliant. I'd love to be able to seamlessly trade within one system. Too bad I won't be able to link it to my N3DSXL (Firmware 10.7), that one has a copy of Yellow that I bought from the eShop for Gen 7 Bank purposes. Also got Red added to my O3DS system, just an extra possible save file to exchange 'Mons with once I have PHBankGB up and running. I was trying to get Blue added for this Mew and Yellow added because I have a pretty phenomenal Yellow save file that I managed to rip from my actual cartridge version a year or so ago onto my laptop (Via a Mega Memory Card and a GB USB Smart Card), but I've not found .cia files that are cryptofixed that are also the "proper" file size of 6.9mb. I keep getting ones that are 9.8mb, which the manual built in, and for whatever reason FBI and DevMenu both can't import them because of that. If Homebrew didn't make me not want to update my system, I could get non-cryptofixed versions and have the eShop repair the files, but as is, I'm unable to use the eShop because my system is firmware 9.2.
  7. Interesting. That makes some sense though, considering Green has all of the same version exclusives as the international Blue. The weird thing is that if you attempt to open the English Green without my Gateway, it fails and says you should go to the eShop and redownload it, you click the eShop button on that notice, and it tells you that game cannot be found. And you can also have the VC Blue on the same system. My thought process, prior to what you said, is that if it's basically a modified Blue, it'd open Blue in the eShop when you click that notice on the home menu, and that you wouldn't be able to have Blue on your system. So if I set names to five characters, it could theoretically be okay?
  8. Snap... I derped. I was aware of the inability of Gen 1 / 2 Japanese games and non-Japanese games, but I wasn't thinking in that regard as far as all of those event 'Mons go. I actually have an English language patch for my VC Green, and now it trades flawlessly to my VC Yellow. And I was hoping to be able to apply a similar patch to the Japanese VC Blue. But I wasn't thinking about the fact that doing that would disqualify my Blue from those event 'Mons since they'd have Japanese names / OTs in an "English" game. Yup, I derped hard... Hahaha At the moment, all of that is purely theoretical, as the .CIA file for the Japanese VC Blue is the one Japanese VC Pokémon game .CIA file I can't find (Yet). I need dat Magikarp.
  9. I apologize if I came off as a dick, it wasn't intentional. I guess I could find a save file with a Stadium-tutored Surfachu and trade that over. Or I could just do actual 'Mon editing, like you suggested. Oh wow. I had no idea these existed at all. Which makes sense, considering I've only ever played English Gen 1 games and I was four turning five when I got Yellow. That being said, I've been hunting for the .CIA file for the VC Japanese Pokémon Blue, since their version of Blue had some exclusive in-game trades and you could find Jynx, Farfetch'd, and Mr. Mime in the wild. Now I have even more of a reason to chase after that .CIA. EDIT: Obviously, I'm probably still going to have a hard time locating save files with those events on them, but having a Japanese game is the first step in actually being able to obtain them.
  10. And that's how I know you didn't look at the link I put in my post ;P You can take a save file from a cartridge or emulator version of RGBY and put it in the new Virtual Console ones. It's a pretty easy process, actually. So the Mew this thread was started for is important because it'll be a legitamate Gen 1 Mew (As opposed to one caught via the Mew Glitch). And if you click the Bulbapedia link the OP posted, it shows the same Pikachu you were referencing, so I was talking about that one.
  11. I ended up cutting out: Wild encounters: 0/1/2 Updated stats and Typings: 2/1/8 Updated level up moves: 2/1/4 Opened it via the , and then preceded to load my current save file. I had a trainer pretty close by that I hadn't yet fought, so I skated over to him to see what his team looked like and the game froze up. Tried again and had the same results. So I'm attempting the Gateway method now. I couldn't get Star Sapphire to work on my Gateway and ended it up running it via HANS, so it'd be pretty funny if this does work via my Gateway and fails via HANS.
  12. Ah! Thanks, after you pointed it out, I found it. The "Updated Mega Ball Evos," does that make for ORAS Megas to work in NeoXY?
  13. I was told in the Rutile Ruby / Star Sapphire thread that if I wanted to play Neo X or Neo Y, but make them capable to trading and battling with XY / ORAS, I could just pick and choose which files to use. How true is that? I would obviously not want stuff including non-legitimate typings, non-legitimate capture locations, non-legitimate movesets. I really just want to have tougher trainers to fight and the more complex story.
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