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  1. Hey i want to swap my lvl 5 Starter with Charmander and add a Bulbazor with it rest of my team i can catch can you please tell me how to do it in Pokegen ? i got the save file just after i left the lab with Chikorita but if i change it to Charmander it keeps Chikorita stats how can i add those two or any other pokemons to my save file but with good and the right Attacks/stats/iv's and such Thanks!
  2. i got homebrew and pokeradar if its worth something i grew up on the old games and playing on of them will be so nostalgic! thanks!
  3. thanks for the amazing help - gonna test it out tomorrow probably when i get some free time ... probably will make my self a litlle charmander sadly Pokemon GO stole all my free time
  4. Thats a good idea with that charmandeR! sry for the dumb question but how do i check the date and is there any way to spend the days faster? also wth is that Union Cave and how i reach there sry for the dumb question btw i already got Surf...not sure about Strength and where i get it so my dream team will be Meganium Golem Ampharos Charizard Lapras and i have 1 slot free... maybe you can help me with those HM's like which one of the pokemons i listed should get spefic HM's ? sry for asking so many questions and thank you for your time and help !: D
  5. adding charmander would be like cheating no ? : [ on the other hand i cant catch him until very very late game.. what about Lapras is it late game too ? if those pokemons are only very very late in game i would use pokegen to get them in low levels and train them slowly ... for the HM info - thanks that was great ^^ there are so many HM's that i get confused which ones i need and which i dont but ill deal with it somehow i guess i only finished the ICE gym with pryce so i still got plenty to do
  6. Hey i did it!! evolved my Graviler to Golem that way : ) Thanks for the amazing help! right now i got my team like this > 1.Meganium 2.Golem 3.Ampharos 4.Red Gyarados - will be replaced with Lapras once i find one 5.will be Charizard 6. no idea ... maybe Lugia ? anyway! i wanted to ask you something else... in SoulSilver u get many items known as HM and u can put them to your pokemons to do some stuff like Cut/Surf and such... thing is ... i feel bad wasting a move slot for those skills - maybe u can watch my team and guide me on which pokemons i should give the HM's to ? I know lapras can get Surf and Charizard can get fly - but when do i get Charmander ?
  7. Ok here's an update i did everything as said and got Pokemon radar now my question is - how i load Homebrew launcher again ? is there any short cut?
  8. sent you a PM but im not sure if you got it or not...maybe your inbox is full how can i access the SD Card? Mini usb to USB will work ?
  9. awesome! starting now with some Queen Music in the background ill update the post once i've done
  10. amazing post!!! thanks! one question b4 i start my joruney does the 4GB SD Card that came with the 2DS big enough for those ? im probably gonna use it only to evolve those trade pokemons because i dont like to hack my way too much
  11. Ok gonna check those links now
  12. sounss amazing any chance you can guide me on those hack tools? im very new to this whole nintendo world but i learn quick ^^
  13. Hey thanks for the comment but i think ill just keep playing SoulSilver instead because it seems i can get charmander later in the game... and tbh that homebrew sound cool but i have zero knowledge on how i install and get it to work... last console i had was GBA ^^ if installing that homebrew is not a mess then please explain it to me slowly ^^ if not please take a look in my other topic about soulsilver https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?49364-Returning-player-looking-for-advice&p=218574#post218574 thanks !! im excited to play again ^^
  14. Hey! Last time i played any pokemon game i was 12 years old or so. Now im 25 ^^ Pokemon GO Madness made me buy a brand new 2DS Console which is completly new to me because im used to old GBA's found my self a cheap used copy of Soulsilver and started my way. Choosed Chikorita the cutest starter ever <3 and i got some questions. I'd like to know if there is a way to Evolve Geodode to Golem without Real Life Trade ? because i dont have anyone near by with this console to make the Trades Are there any tips out there for a starter like me? i still remember some things from Pokemon Gold that i used to play but still i want to make sure i dont miss anything on my journey this is the dream i hope for and i would like to hear your opnions about it 1.Meganium 2.Charizard 3.Ampharos 4.Lapras 5.Umbreaon or Espeon ? both are new to me so id like to hear some opnions about which one is better ? 6.Want it to be Golem but sadly its probably not gonna happen because the Trading System - so please help me decide on another pokemon for my team ! Also , should i catch all pokemons early in the game ? or just focus on leveling up and getting stronger first? I want to catch them all and complete my Pokedex but do i really need to it in early levels? Thanks!
  15. hey fellas.. after 15years without pokemon in my life... pokemon go made me come back to the whole pokemon world i bought a 2DS Console and a SoulSilver game... - sadly i updated the console to - had no idea updating it will make things harder... anyway i wanted to start playing FIRERED as its the most nostalgic for me but sadly i cant do that so i wonder if there is a way i can edit my Soulsilver save file - or maybe someone can link me a edited save file so i can start my journey with Charmander instead of one of the 3 Starters... Thanks!!
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