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    Here's a file i made with ohana3ds and garctool and 3dsmax oh and some more stuff here dec_8051.147 dec_8051.smd face_1.obj face_1.obj.mtl face_2.obj face_2.obj.mtl face_3.obj face_3.obj.mtl face_4.obj face_4.obj.mtl face_5.obj face_5.obj.mtl face_6.obj face_6.obj.mtl face_7.obj face_7.obj.mtl face_8.obj face_8.obj.mtl face_9.obj face_9.obj.mtl face_10.obj face_10.obj.mtl face_11.obj face_11.obj.mtl face_12.obj face_12.obj.mtl face_13.obj face_13.obj.mtl face_14.obj face_14.obj.mtl face_15.obj face_15.obj.mtl obj_0_pm0773_00_BodyB1.obj obj_0_pm0773_00_BodyB1
  2. It might be something thats blocking the texture files from going onto your romfs try uninstalling that that might work
  3. i've tried this on my pokemon yellow 3ds which is australian and it works just fine
  4. Your right just keep making the texture of the Pokemon you want I mean I did and now I've got my Skyblue Groudon in my omega ruby game so as in other words good luck to you out there ?
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13568[/ATTACH] I've just made my skybluegroundon few days ago and now it's in my omega ruby game [ATTACH=CONFIG]13569[/ATTACH]
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