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  1. I had the same issue when I first used it, but I found I could run it properly by opening it in a command prompt window. Also I believe the latest PKHeX update makes the script unnecessary, since if you place a valid colosseum/xd PID/IV combination for umbreon/espeon/eevee, it'll show you the correct TID/SID for the starters, as Kaphotics already mentioned above.
  2. @Kaphotics so I was curious about the double flag legality error update, so I downloaded the build with that fix from teamcity, and while the error on my xd eevee was fixed where it only showed it had an invalid move, I found that on my pokemon ruby save, the error persisted where the PID is still flagged for having an invalid move. 254 - SCEPTILE - EED2878ECC52.xk3
  3. After grappling with this question for a day or so, I managed the solve the mystery of how to create a legal TID/SID for XD starter eevee with a desired PID/spread. i realized this when I decided to reread @Tux 's pokemon xd/colosseum legal guide and try to find a pid with xdseed. After reading through the thought occured to me to use the pokemon colosseum starter legit checker python script found here https://github.com/TuxSH/PkmGCTools/wiki/A-guide-on-how-to-make-legal-Colosseum-or-XD-Pokémon on eevee, even though it wasn't suggested in the guide, because the method of generation is around the same. Sure enough, after entering my desired PID, and selecting Umbreon as the pokemon I want the PID to apply to (I'm not sure it matters which one I select, but I'll just mention that), I found a TID/SID that made my desired PID eevee legal on PKhex The question I still have is how did @Collector Togami manage to obtain a shiny eevee starter? Right now it seems like pure luck, but I have to imagine there is some way of calculating a legal shiny PID/TID/SID combination for starter eevee given than he rnged it. On TuxSH's guide, umbreon and espeon are said to not able to be shiny, but somehow this eevee is. I wonder why. Also @Kaphotics I found a bug in PKHeX where the legality checker reports the PID as mismatched just because there's an invalid move. I'm not sure if there's some good reason for that recognition (e.g. an event pokemon with an exclusive move that has to correspond to a special pid), or if it's something that needs to be updated. 133 - EEVEE - BB9379B66955.xk3
  4. Thanks for the reply. I see, so that's why this problem was confounding me. From what I can tell, I can't really search for an ID based on seed, so is it even possible to generate a good spread for a starter eevee that's not even shiny? When I try applying a generated spread without manipulating the TID/SID the same problem occurs as before, so I suppose, like you said, that means i have to find a TID/SID which matches the spread correctly. I'm just wondering if that's something I need to find through trial and error or if there is a more efficient way of doing it.
  5. So I used admiral fish's rng reporter fork to find a legit PID/IV/Nature combination for my eevee and i used his TID/SID manipulation feature to find a TID/SID that would make my eevee shiny, and i found the combination. However, PKHeX (using the latest 9/05/17 version) flags my eevee as illegal for an inability to match the encounter to an RNG frame. I've posted my eevee below, and I'm just looking for some insight as to why this is. Is this is a mistake in PKHeX that needs to be corrected, an error in the RNG reporter program or is it an error on my part for not understanding how xd starter eevee is generated? I used the gales/colo method with no pokemon checked on admiral fish's rng reporter to find the spread, which I believe is the right one. Thanks for any advice in advance. @Kaphotics @Admiral_Fish 133 ★ - EEVEE - BAAE53505668.xk3
  6. From my own investigations of the presence of the fateful encounter flag in Pokemon originating from , I found that eevee does have the fateful encounter flag that's (at least) present when traded through a gba-gcn link cable. It's simply a bug of PkmGCSaveEditor that it fails to mark the flag when exporting (as all pokemon traded from have), or maintaining it if that's how the game flags it. -save-editor&p=213547&viewfull=1#post213547'>https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?47056-PkmGCSaveEditor-a-Pok%E9mon-Colosseum--save-editor&p=213547&viewfull=1#post213547 I reported this months ago, but unfortunately it has yet to be fixed.
  7. I recommend sharing the info with suloku, as he obviously has the skills to make a program for gen 3 saves https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?48291-Feebas-Fishing-Spot-value-%28Ru-Sa-Em%29 .
  8. I had that error as well with my gci ripped from my physical gamecube memory card using GCMM, but then I imported my gci save to dolphin, loaded the game on there and saved, and then I exported the gci file from the memory card manager and the gci worked fine and saved with this program after that.
  9. So I was just playing around with editing using this program and I found that the Contest Stats can't be changed from 0 and any pokemon imported with contest stats would have them erased to 0 as well. Also I found that at least in Pokemon the pokemon aren't marked with the fateful encounter flag even though a pokemon that's traded from would have that flag marked on them when traded (but not exported through the program) to the gba games (so Idk if that's just something that's added by the game when the pokemon are traded or if it's an error of the program).
  10. I was just checking PKHeX PID generation of Gen 3 Unowns and I found that when transferring Unowns from Gen 3 to Gen 6 using PKHeX or the recent release of pk2pk (021616) the Unown forms aren't retained and they're all changed to "A". Another thing is the Unowns transferred are automatically nicknamed with "UNOWN" in all capitals instead of being decapitalized and not nicknamed as Pokemon Transporter would do I believe. The original pk2pk seems to properly decapitalize without setting the nickname flag and retains the form though. Also I found that PKHeX doesn't generate Shiny PIDs of the Gen 3 Unowns with their assigned forms from checking it by comparing it with the form presented for that Shiny PID on A-Save (A-Save can generate Shiny PIDs for an Unown with a certain Nature/Form, but Idk if they're legal or what).
  11. would the shiny pokemon that are not shiny locked be datawise the same as legitimate wild shinies? Also have you tried this on eggs or is this wild pokemon only?
  12. >Aurora Ticket (English) (FR, LG & Emerald) (!) The first page with the list of officially distributed Mystery Gift Wondercards collected so far indicate otherwise though. I think I read some pages back that you could officially receive an auroraticket in an english copy of emerald by sending it in to nintendo of europe or something.
  13. uh, I'm pretty sure that's what the researchers of this project have been collecting (it's even on the first page listing all of the wondercards obtained so far) so they can be recreated. Otherwise anyone can just use cheats to get some fake wondercards onto a save file.
  14. Damn really, what about his guy http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?27486-GBA-distribution-system or this guy http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?13259-Toysrus-Mew-Distribution-GBA-Cart (this one's last activity is more recent than the previous one)? If someone could contact someone like this and inform him about the meaningful work done here maybe they'd consider dumping the rom for research purposes.
  15. Do you guys think this wonder card editing (when completed) will be made available to us tech illiterate people, through a program or tutorial perhaps? I remember using the morfeo codes like a year ago and wishing that there was a program that would just let us add/edit our wonder cards and activate events simply without having to go through all the hassle of translating spanish from google translate and tediously applying codes in vba, transferring wireless adapter in vba link etc.. it was just inconvenient and not as pleasant as I had wished. So I'd like to make a suggestion you guys/anyone who knows how to create such a program that noob lurkers like me are very interested in and would appreciate such a program (or tutorial if not possible). Like a program with an add/edit wonder card option and activate event flags. Something simple like that. Maybe integrate it into A-save or another gba save editor.
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