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    Hello guys. First and foremost thank you Codr for that wonderful program you have made i bumped into it just by mistake lol trying to figure out how to edit pokemon hexes as i was trying to straight out a Generated Pokemon code From Pokesav in which after you make the desired pokemon and generate the AR code it comes out as lvl 100 and i dont need that. So basicly im trying to genrate a pokemon using your Pokemon generator 3.0b9 version, however when im done making my desired pokemon and try to generate the AR code for it i only get a 2 Line code more or less like this 94000130 FFFB0000 D2000000 00000000 and to me its not coming out right. I dont know if im doing anything wrong. But any of you mind helping me out here i have Pokemon white BTW and using Acekart2i with akaio firmware. Thanks in advance Edit: The Problem seems to happen when i try to generate the code from the Box when i load my .pkm to the upper part i belive thats the party the numbers seem to go right