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  1. Enjoy! 456 - ケイコウオ - A110CBC391E1.pk4 393 - ポッチャマ - 6F6AF4E0AE85.pk4 392 - ゴウカザル - 06E74A21D784.pk4
  2. I chose 49 because at the time I was thinking maybe If I change the the byte to any number it would do something so I tried 49 and it worked I also tried 64 which also worked so I'm glad that it works
  3. Hello, I have made some patches that give you Unlimited TM's on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, With these, you should be able to get Unlimited TM's on your ROM Hacks which gives you that more modern feature that Pokemon Black and White introduced. Currently, I have made patches for HGSS (USA) and Platinum (USA) and Diamond and Pearl (USA) If you want patches that would work for any other region I might be able to make them. If you would like to do this manually here is a tutorial: For USA Platinum: 1) Open up the ROM in a hex editor 2) Go to the address 0x8162A 3) change 49 to BD For USA HGSS: 1) Open up the decompressed ARM9 in a hex editor 2) Go to the address 0x78452 3) change 49 to BD For USA DP: 1) Open up the ARM9 in a hex editor 2) Go to the address 0x6EDF2 3) change 49 to BD Also here is a video of it in action in Pokemon Platinum UTM (USA).zip
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