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  1. I have noticed this with the WISH Egg Chansey it says the Pokemon is illegal because the PID and Abilities don't match.
  2. This exercise will make it so traded Pokémon will listen to you fully at any level. It's a small tweak that changes it from 8 Badges to listen fully to 0 Badges to listen fully. Platinum ------------ Open up the overlay_0016.bin file in a hex editor. Go to the location 0x13090 in overlay_0016.bin. You should see a string of bytes like this (square brackets for emphasis): 98 D7 F5 C4 FE [08] 28 02 DB 0C Change the 08 to be 00. Save, and reinsert the file into your ROM. You should now find that traded Pokémon always listen to you. HG / SS ---------
  3. Editing Poké Mart Items --- A quick addendum - this only definitely works for fixed item inventories, like the secondary clerk in some Poké Marts. I'm not sure how to edit the general market that changes after every few Badges. This requires the use of a hex editor such as Hex Workshop or HxD. This tutorial can be used for Platinum or HG/SS. I think the same steps may apply to Black/White as well, but in Black 2/White 2 it's stored in a different file (I believe a/2/8/2). Step 1: Calculate the hex string for the items in the mart that you want to edit. --- https://bulbaped
  4. Enjoy! 456 - ケイコウオ - A110CBC391E1.pk4 393 - ポッチャマ - 6F6AF4E0AE85.pk4 392 - ゴウカザル - 06E74A21D784.pk4
  5. I chose 49 because at the time I was thinking maybe If I change the the byte to any number it would do something so I tried 49 and it worked I also tried 64 which also worked so I'm glad that it works
  6. Infinite TMs in Gen IV --- Let me first preface this by saying that this was figured out by Mikelan98 (with some help from Nextworld and BagBoy to find some of the offsets in different languages). Mikelan98 has requested that you give credit to him if you implement this in your hack. This is simply a documentation so the information doesn't get lost - I didn't figure out any of this myself! This is for the American (U) versions of Platinum and Heart Gold / Soul Silver. Step 1: Extract the relevant files --- First we need to get the right files out of the ROM. Fo
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