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  1. Ok so I have Winebottelr and the latest Mono version of PkHex. When I trick the box and start to run Net 4.6,it says "aborted"
  2. Im about to go to bed,maybe tomorrow ? I tried ticking the box and running Net 4.6-nothing happens for a few minutes an then it says "aborted"... Seems so much more long winded than any other version we have had before.Which sucks.I love Pkhex! Haha Thanks
  3. Yeah I tried going into Winetricks etc-not working.
  4. Im using Wine Bottler,I cannot get it working at all:/
  5. PKhex no longer working on Macs with Wine. I really don't understand why they would have done this:/
  6. Whats the chances of this being updated to stop this happening?
  7. Has this person had an update in the last 2 days? Only i edited a few Pokemon just after Moon got leaked,and a lot of them didn't have their Met Location,it was just blank. Upon opening them up in game,they have the location "Mystery Zone". When I try to fix this in the editor and give them the correct met location,editor says its basically illegal
  8. Is this working properly now? A lot of the Pokemon upon opening the file in PKHex,lose their met location:/
  9. The PKHEX file? Wont open. Theres gotta be a way to get the new version up and running (packaged like you said)
  10. I couldn't get that thing to work:/ Is anyone working on a Mac version of this? Really wanna test the new build out and its getting annoying now!haha We've had previous versions ported,slightly worried about being left out:(
  11. Does Kaphotics usually do a MAC version or is it someone else?
  12. Yeah,I have had a nightmare of a time setting WINE up. Had the last version of PKHex for Mac,was really good.Just hoping this versions being worked on too
  13. Any chance a Mac version will be up anytime soon? Would be really appreciated
  14. Is anyone working on this? Would be a huge help.If not,is this in the pipeline?
  15. Has this been updated to be the Gen 1 to 6 version?
  16. My Yellow box had 15 Pokemon in it and they all got deleted:/ Haven't tested it with Red yet
  17. I have this working now,however,when I open the save it doesn't show the Pokemon I had in the boxes. When I finish editing my team and inject the save back in to start playing,all my Pokemon in the box have been deleted! Any ideas why?
  18. Im trying to use the Mac version but i can't get it to open,anyone else having issues?
  19. Sorry if this seems obvious,but does this save editor work with the virtual console games? Thanks!
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