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  1. Any idea id the Lycanroc forms are version locked again?
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask,but is it possible to play Ultra Moon then edit the save file in PKhex so it can be injected into a cart copy of Ultra Sun?
  3. Well,I thought the same thing.But it has suddenly started working,no idea how it happened:/ Sorry dude,I'll try figure out what was causing it and let you know. Wine wasn't running either:/
  4. So I downloaded the latest version,and opened it the usual way,but all it does is bounce in the dock for a few minutes,then stop responding. Tried it 10 times now with no success
  5. Yeah Im using JKSV,used it before no problems. Luckily I have a backup
  6. Ok,so I dragged and dropped the savdat file,edited and then tried to save. Injected it back into the game and its saying "save corrupted"....
  7. Well,before you just had to select "open" on PKHex,locate the file and click it-done. Now the actual Save.dat or whatever its called file isn't showing up. Hmm,Im off out in a second.Will have to try and drag/drop tomorrow! Will let you know:)
  8. Im sorry if this has already been discussed,but i have updated to the latest version and can no longer detect the save backups of my VC Red and Yellow saves. Can anyone tell me why? Thanks in advance
  9. Is there any reason why PKHex no longer supports get 1 game saves?
  10. Its ok dude,I figured it out. I already had my own wine running,stopped that and it worked first time:)
  11. You are a godsend dude! Thanks so much:)
  12. Ok so I have Winebottelr and the latest Mono version of PkHex. When I trick the box and start to run Net 4.6,it says "aborted"
  13. Im about to go to bed,maybe tomorrow ? I tried ticking the box and running Net 4.6-nothing happens for a few minutes an then it says "aborted"... Seems so much more long winded than any other version we have had before.Which sucks.I love Pkhex! Haha Thanks
  14. Yeah I tried going into Winetricks etc-not working.
  15. Im using Wine Bottler,I cannot get it working at all:/