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  1. i would pick the grass snake but the water otter is a real close second due to the stat comparison
  2. <p><p><p><p><p>well well well its been a while. i admit your really impressive and your still holding up that thread. honestly people need to be patient though. so hes gone for a while he's probably busy. hope things are still as well as before ray. good luck</p></p></p></p></p>

  3. yeah it will take a little longer since it Xed out on me while saving should be done in a few
  4. wait so you got it now well that is a small relief if you got my message
  5. sorry about that z-master, i only told one person to ask you anyway but still sorry
  6. i just came back from school and noticed the thread people please stop spaming and pm us if it is off topic or start a new topic about it i really dont want this thread locked up
  7. benngy here and i miss the old forum but of what i heard this forum is suppose to be better and changes are going to be made eventually to make it look better i was a pokesav code maker in the old thread and have a typhlosion rank but i still am a code maker with the same name. i only dont have the rank i guess
  8. i hate it it is too windy right now 21
  9. its windy and sunny here 19 it was 17 but i was posting when another was
  10. 15 hey thats my age:D woops two posts at once again i mean 16 maybe we have to post something that involves the number for something extra
  11. none taken and thanks okami what about my first one i think it was the best out of all of mine
  12. if it goes down -1 then doesnt it go up... just messin 13 i'm good for now and i am going to use them when i get a good chance
  13. here are my other ones #1 his name is anortucks #2 unknown name (still thinking) the last one here my friend made actually its name is Wetinaruskbat (again friend made the name)
  14. thanks i will try it now here it is what do you think? i like it, it has no name for now, the others will be up later
  15. this is getting even funnier i like my new smilies from minamimoto -8
  16. this is just a practice to get these smilies to work alright i figured it out concorde this is how you post the smilies you right click the smilie, go down to properties, highlight the address, and insert it as an image
  17. thanks now just how can i post these oh and can you make one more for me how about some giratina ones
  18. how can i put a picture from my saved pictures onto here because i have about 5 sprites to show and about 2 or 3 are really neat and idk how to put them in a post? help please
  19. sorry last one for me for the day 19
  20. lol this is getting funny 17
  21. hey dont blame me this happened to me about 5 times now and might happen again after this post to me double luck of 7 14
  22. if you could some zelda twilight princess like smilies, mostly link and wolf form if possible and yeah how do you post these, say i wanted to post one of these smilies how would i post them???
  23. 6*6/(6 to the 2nd power)*6 lot of six's in this problem
  24. which hospital/emergency place did you go to i got into a car accident a few years back, went to the hospital and was stuck there for half a day just to get my x-rays by the way are you wearing a cast of some sort hope you feal better soon
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