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  1. After watching Trainer battles that were custom made by Mixeli on Youtube in ORAS, I wanted to try and see if I can do my own. However its kind of hard to follow due to the lack of tutorials on Gen VI hacking, and its rather unnerving to see that despite X/Y and ORAS being out for awhile now, that there would be tutorials on this sort of stuff given the few Gen VI hacks that are there like Neo X/Y. Anyway, I just wanted to know where the portraits for the Trainers are when you go into battle, and know how to replace them with custom ones. I can tell that some of the images likely needed to be converted from the game's format to something like PNG and then swap them and convert them back into the format the games will recongize and then rebuild the ROM I figured I try easy first like editing Trainer Data for battles and the portraits before moving to dialogue editing and eventually model hacking. So does anyone know exactly how to edit the battle portraits for the Trainers?
  2. Okay I'm gonna be honest, I'm bumping this because I find it hard to believe that I just want help with something as 'simple' as sprite replacement in BW2, yet no one on here who knows how to do it, can't really tell me what to do. I know I heard if you replace a Trainer's animation file with Missingno's animation file then it would work, mind you it is a .bin file, I tried 6-7 times, packing the files in again cuz I do this editing now in Tinke, save out the new ROM, I go to test it, the Trainer's sprite STILL animates. Even did all that, and just open up the ROM that was saved out cuz I know thats the edited one, the information for that Trainer's Animation goes back to before it was replaced, meaning I look using the Hex tool that Tinke has, Missing now has like 0x60 bytes of data, Trainers tend to have a list with the animation stuff at the bottom. I replace and replace it repeatedly, NOTHING HAPPENS. I want to refrain from being like this but seriously, please, for the love of God, WHAT IN GODS CREATION DO I DO!?
  3. RPD490

    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    Whats the method to using PkHex with copies of X/Y that were downloaded from the eShop?
  4. Whats the method of doing all this for those who have download X/Y over eShop? Most of the methods people seem to talk are for the physical copy of the game.
  5. Okay I tried changing Alder's Party completely and had their Level's changed, but when I reinserted the data and poke narcs into the ROM, all the Pokemon were at level 1. What did I do? I changed them to around 96-99 to and tried again and they still appeared at level 1.
  6. Okay I know, I know, I seem to be getting annoying by asking for so much help, remember this is my first time doing Gen V hacking. I figured before I jump into doing BW2, I start small and easy and do sprite replacements in Pokemon White and doing baby steps, starting with sprites then go into script editing. First, I decided to replace Alder with my OC. I was successful in replacing his Trainer Sprite, so I did right on that. Now I am trying to do Mugshot editing. This is where I don't understand. My character's Mugshot was made into 16 colors, indexed using Gimp, I followed the BW/BW2 General FAQ on doing that part. I did the normal method of Mugshot replacement, using BWME, checked to make sure the palettes showed up correctly in BWME. I reinserted the NARC back into the ROM, go to test it. After Alder does his speech, the game goes into battle, and then it freezes on the white transition screen with the music continue to play. I then go and use the Image and Palette Replacement method using Tinke, followed that mini tutorial correctly, repacked the NARC into the ROM, go into trying it again, same exact thing happens, game freezes before the mugshots show up. I have no idea what I am doing wrong, I checked using GIMP and Photoshop, both of them say my Mugshot has 16 colors, I had the mugshot 128x128 like the mugshots seen in Tinke, still nothing works. What exactly am I doing wrong that causes the game to lock up before the battle can even begin? EDIT: Okay I long since figured this out, someone can just close this thread.
  7. I read it, I just can't see it the answer. I mean I found Missingno sprites and seen the animation files, but I don't know how to replace the animation files for the Trainers with the Missingno ones with Tinke. I just wish it was a bit more specific. EDIT: Okay, I think I am getting somewhat close. Here is what I did exactly: 1. Extracted the BW2 Trainer Sprites (a/0/7/1) 2. Opened 1.narc in Tinke. 3. Went and found Wallace's Sprite data. 4. Replaced the file 1_1123.bin (Wallace's Animation file) with Missingno's Animation file (4_14.bin) (I had two instances where I replaced the files using Change File, and used the Hexadecimal and copied the hex from Missingno's animation to Wallace's animation file) 5. Packed it and and Extracted the 1.narc from Tinke. 6. Repacked it with Kiwi.ds 7. Reinserted the Narc back into the ROM. When I went around to trying to battle Wallace, the game froze before the battle started up. Now I know I did something wrong, but am I on the right track?
  8. I actually wanna know what you did to remove the animations to the Trainer sprites, if possible.
  9. Okay refine my original post, does anyone know an easier way to make the Trainer Sprites in BW2 become Static? I heard that one was was to do it through ASM hacking and change the system for the sprites to be static, but I also seen that someone was able to import the Missingno animation files to the selected Trainer's animation files. I been trying to tackle this the entire evening last night and all day today and I don't seem to be getting much progress. At the same time, trying to learn how to add more Trainers without replacing existing ones, but I'll get to that later, right now I just wanna learn how to add static sprites with ease, since RubyCarbuncle was able to pull off for most of his Custom Trainer Battle Hack videos in BW2, I wanna know how he did it. The sooner I can learn how to do this, the better so I can move onto the next part of hacking BW2.
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