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  1. okay cool. thanks for the info
  2. 1) Yeah I made that questions thread. Just trying to find more specific information 2) Ok cool, but this was not the case before this new previous gen editing update, correct? 3) Just wanted to know if mystery gift pokemon had a different PID generation compared to Event pokemon (I don't know if its the same thing) and whether PKHex can detect if they're mystery gift pokemon or event pokemon rerolling to the proper PID (if event pkmn are different from mystery gift).
  3. 1) Are Gen3,4 and 5 PID's randomly chosen from RNG Reporter's pool of PIDs/natures etc.? 2) Is Gen3/4/5 (more importantly Gen5 Mystery Gift Pokemon) Generation automatic (just click reroll) given they are from Gen3-5? 3) Is there a list of pokemon classified as "mystery gift from gen5" or does that just mean all gen5 event pokemon? 4) And lastly, for gen 4 and below, won't generating PID's for pokemon (including event pokemon) technically make them illegal because IV's are linked to nature, ability etc. Wouldn't it be more accurate to look at RNG Reporter and copy/paste the proper IV's, nature, ability, PID?
  4. According to Gen 5 pokemon PID factors in Gender, Shininess and Ability. However, I cannot find anything for Event pokemon PID generation method. How would I properly generate a PID for Gen5 event pokemon? Would method 10/11 from PokeGen work just fine or do I need to do something else? Thank you for the information in advance.
  5. khamul

    gen 4/5 pid reroll

    I see. So using PokeGen could I copy/paste the PID from PG's pid generator then paste it onto the pk6 files using PKHex that are from gen4? Do I just have to copy and paste or is there more to it?
  6. Currently, I'm trying to re-roll the PID's of pokemon that are from Gen 5/4 (pk6) with PKHex however I'm not sure if they're actually valid PID rerolls or if PKHex even supports it. I remember PKHex was not compatible with some previous gens a while back which is why I'm not sure. I know there is PokeGen but I can't convert my pk6 files back to pk5/4 (assuming PKHex doesn't validly reroll PIDs). So does it reroll using valid previous gen PIDs or do I have to somehow go back to an older editor? latest version pk6 files but pokemon are from hg/ss and b/w / b/w2. 95% of the files are from HG/SS so b/w is almost irrelevant and mostly for questions sake.
  7. Hi I have a few questions about the legendary pokemon. Yes I've read every page in the thread but could not find it. Playing Soul Silver and for about a few days now and Groudon does not appear in Route 43, Registeel in Mt.Silver and Regigigas in Cerulian Cave I tried all time cycles, although I'm not too sure if I got the Registeel area correct (Cave right before Red?) and by getting Registeel does Regigias appear? (all Regis in inventory to make Regigias appear) I've got all other Legendaries that have a 1% chance to appear except for 2-3. Help appreciated. Thanks
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