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  1. The SWSH overworld plugin loads, but I cant click on it?
  2. It doesn't recognize the game in TWL. I made a new save using his repro rom, and the save was able to be read on pkhex. OP mentioned the current homebrew 3ds sometimes has issues loading the game, but works perfect on his old 3ds. Maybe could be something to do with this? He's going to try and homebrew the old 3ds next and retry dumping the save on that device.
  3. What problems are you having? Both these save files open fine. Are you using the latest pkhex?
  4. Make a backup just incase it happens again. I never seen a glitch like this though, how did you edit the save? You mention you only added 2 pokemons, and items? what items, and what pokemons did you add?
  5. This one works, Try this save file yourself. The first one is glitched.
  6. Can I have my name changed to "Wolf"? If it's taken then possibly "Le Wolf"
  7. I'm wondering how your pins managed to bridged together without tampering. Did it end up in a dryer maybe?
  8. @theSLAYER What is the plugin you're working on going to do
  9. Almost impossible currently unless someone makes a PIDIV calculator, Since the PIDIV's for roaming mons are validated in BDSP . This info is pinned on the Pkhex discord already. This means making/capturing a legit one, and converting it to shiny will make it illegal. Try legit shiny hunting it?
  10. Did you try adding the key items?
  11. Here's a complete save I downloaded back in 2018. Nothing in it is legit, other that the story completion lol. It has 100% completion of game storyline/side events. it includes Shiny Living Pokedex (some or half of the Pokemon have 31 IVs/0 EVs), misc. Event Pokemon, a competitive party, and all TMs & more. I think I downloaded it for the same reason, not sure why else I got this. I might have more if you need a different save file. Emerald v.25414.sav
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