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  1. Yup. I have no idea what was broken and what the fix did (I guess one would have to ask BennVenn about that)... But it was, and now it's not! So all's well that ends well Thanks again for your help and input! Knowing that the party data on the save wasn't showing up in a hex reader despite the save loading absolutely fine on original hardware was a big help in pointing me in the direction of the issue being somewhere in the interface between all of my devices. My own knowledge of the structure of Pokémon save data is sadly lacking...
  2. I am an idiot... I received my Joey Jr towards the end of January, and this was one of the first of around 16 firmware updates its recieved since then. I have now updated my Joey Jr, and the save nowloads fine in PKHeX. Thanks for your help Slayer, and sorry for wasting your time! I've attached the now working save file in case any one was interested. POKEMONG.SAV
  3. Thanks for the help, I've tried the same now, and ditto. I think either the contacts are in need of a good clean, or my Joey Jr is starting to play up, or my USB C port on my desktop PC is starting to play up. I've got a laptop too, so I'll try that, plus I'll clean up the carts. Thanks again!
  4. 8 badges, with 135 Pokémon registered in the PokéDex.
  5. Title is my problem - I'm using the BennVenn Joey Jr (a USB GB/C/A CART DUMPER/FLASHER) to transfer the save file from my copy of Pokémon Green (Japanese) onto my PC. This works absolutely fine with all of my international English versions of the various Gen I games (and other GB generations too), but I cannot open the Japanese Pokémon Green save file in PKHeX. I get the "Attempted to load an unspported file type/size" error if trying to open the file directly and the "Binary is not compatabile with save file." error if trying to open through PKHeX. I have only received the Pokémon Green
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