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  1. After some investigations I think your theory is right because I can't remember the origin of the sav I used and it doesn't appear with a clear save. Really strange that the EGB event reactivated it but why not after all ^^ So finally we consider the EGB event as an non-legal nor legit way to get the Arceus Flute?
  2. Here's what do I get on PkHex in my Japanese Pearl sav and on Pokegen. I didn't receive it on first try I had to reupload the sav to get the EGB event.
  3. Somebody found a prototype of Pokemon Ranger (for Gba not DS that's really interesting) which can interact with the Japanese versions of Pokemon Diamant and Pearl. I follow the steps and I received not only a Manaphy egg but also the Azure Flute and I dump them here like that researches can be done. According to him it can be the way to legit have the Azure Flute in Pokemon Diamant and Pearl and ask us to make it avaible for non Japanese version. So let's have some hard work ^^ -link removed, video had rom links- Mod note: At the end of the day, since these aren't official wonder cards, use at your own risk! Arceus.pcd Arceus2.pgt Manaphy (PGT).pgt ManaphyStrange.pcd
  4. Don't think so look at the date of the tweet, the fact it's for Pokemon Sun and Moon, maybe it's a replicate of it for Gen 7 ? Edit: After visiting the source and without any information yes we can suppose it's the HAPPY Meowth http://www.mcdonalds.it/pokemon
  5. Hi, so happy to be back in your side you miss me so much ProjectPokemon, anyway it seems that a Meowth will be distributed in Italian MacDonald's in December apparently, I put the images I found, if anyone lives here and can contribute it I'll be so happy ^^ Species: Meowth Game: Sun/Moon Distribution: Local or NZone?
  6. Yeah make harder and harder events to get that's seem to be the new motto of the Pokemon Company, unfortunately in order to participate you have to live in England or Ireland, have a twitter account, be older than 18 ... We have to find somebody here who can participate !
  7. Time to up this event in order to not miss it (@theSLAYER don't forget to put it in not yet contributed).
  8. Informations about these Events arrived Pyroar 占拠計画の配信ポケモン.6 フラダリのカエンジシ 親:フラダリ ID:10123(XYの発売日) Lv:49 特性:とうそうしん 技:ハイパーボイス/だいもんじ/あくのはどう 持ち物:なし リボン:クラシックリボン Hydreigon 占拠計画の配信ポケモン.5 ゲーチスのサザンドラ 親:ゲーチス ID:06232(B2W2の発売日) Lv:52 特性:ふゆう 技:ドラゴンダイブ/かみくだく/いわなだれ/やつあたり 持ち物:いのちのたま リボン:クラシックリボン Weavile 占拠計画の配信ポケモン.4 アカギのマニューラ 親:アカギ ID:09286(DPの発売日) Lv:48 特性:プレッシャー 技:だましうち/れいとうパンチ/かわらわり/シザークロス 持ち物:オボンのみ リボン:クラシックリボン Sharpedo 占拠計画の配信ポケモン.3 アオギリのサメハダー 親:アオギリ ID:11214(ORASの発売日) Lv:43 特性:さめはだ 技:こわいかお/きりさく/どくどくのキバ/かみくだく 持ち物:サメハダーナイト リボン:クラシックリボン Camerupt 占拠計画の配信ポケモン.2 マツブサのバクーダ 親:マツブサ ID:11214(ORASの発売日) Lv:43 特性:マグマのよろい 技:のろい/とっしん/いわなだれ/あくび 持ち物:バクーダナイト リボン:クラシックリボン Nidoqueen 占拠計画の配信ポケモン.1 サカキのニドクイン 親:サカキ ID:01294(FRLGの発売日) Lv:41 特性:どくのトゲ 技:しっぽをふる/にどげり/どくばり/のしかかり 持ち物:なし リボン:クラシックリボン Just have to translate it and say thanks to @Iceposs2000 I have also pictures of Camerupt, Nidoqueen, Hydreigon and Pyroar if interested.
  9. There was, before Pokecheck to do that, but the legit.exe still exist. If it's hatched its hatched date must be 27/02/2008. If it's in an egg it'll be more complicated. Maybe you can send me the 2 in PM and I'll verify with what I have.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for this event since a long time, it's the 12th anniversary Pichu (also known as TOKYO pichu but its OT is not 55957! I have proofs), if someone gets it and wants to contribute it (as 4th gen .pkm if possible) or just send me the file I'm okay, Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok, thanks, that's another mirage quest ended. Anyway I hope one day we'll be able to force-load all Funfest mission.
  12. Hi, Can someone translate me these phrases please? 8月17日(土)~9月6日(金)の間に実施しておりますフェスミッション第3期につきまして、当初「ニョロモ」が出現すると告知をさせていただいておりましたが、実際の仕様としては、ニョロモは出現いたしません。 この度は、誤った告知内容を掲載し、お客様にご迷惑をおかけしましたこと、心よりお詫び申し上げます。 As read in Google Translate there was a mistake/error about the Poliwag Hidden Grotto that can maybe explain why I never found it (can it be obtain by force-load hacking anyway?) Thanks in advance
  13. I found this today, don't know if it can help about Pay Day events [ATTACH=CONFIG]13120[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13121[/ATTACH] Source: http://www008.upp.so-net.ne.jp/PSRO/poken-appearance-special.html And this about Dragon Rage Magikarp [ATTACH=CONFIG]13122[/ATTACH] Source: http://pokemonxy-matome.com/blog-entry-87.html
  14. Pokemon: Volcanion Gender: None Level: 70 OT: ID: Ability: Water Absorb Nature: Moves: Steam Eruption Hydro Pump Overheat Mist Item: Rage Candy Bar Pokeball: Cherish Ball. Ribbon: Location: Dates: Distribution Start: April 16th 2016, Distribution End: September 30th 2016, Redemption End: Game Distribution: X/Y/ΩR/αS Distribution Type: Serial Code Distribution Location: Sources: Twitter, Corocoro
  15. Still Missig events: Pokémon Expo Gym Event (4 Wc6- 19/11 7/12) and Pokémon Lab Event - Special Distribution (3 Wc6 23/12 6/3) Will come soon: Pokémon Center - Mega Event Distribution (5 Wc6 1/1), Pokémon Center Hiroshima - Repeat Event and Pokémon Virtual Console Mew (1 Wc6 27/2)
  16. Well I found somewhat like a trick thanks to Youtube using the PassPowers Search Powers +++ and Charm Powers +++ in the same time and it took me 1 day to find the Gyrados lv1 and the lv100 (i saw 4 of them before the lv1). It can be really hardly done in a normal gameplay and I personnaly cheated using PokeStock to get them but I finally found them. Now I desperatly try to find this *** Hidden Grotto Poliwag (FunFest Event August Mission, Japanese exclusive, of course).
  17. A new event released recently in Korea ^^ Pokemon:Mareep Lvl: 10 Ot: 완전전국도감 Id: 06055 Ability Static Moves:Hold Back, Tackle, Thundershock, ThunderWave Held Item: Ampharosite Ribbon: Classic Ribbon Avaible from 15/9/15 to 31/8/16 Info: https://www.haksanpub.co.kr/kids/kids_prod_game_view.asp?prod_code=C2002871&vol_code=1 https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemontrades/comments/3kjlai/korean_guidebook_mareep_announced/
  18. Hi, I'd like to know if there's a way to find in the script or anywhere else if the Lotad massive outbreak exists in Pokemon Ruby (event by mixed records w/ Pokemon Sapphire) and if there's a way to force-load the content, Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi, I'm still looking for these pokemon (.pkm files) in order to complete my collection: -Poliwag Hidden Grotto in Black 2/White 2 I got proof today but I cannot read it http://hpics.li/cedc64c I can propose to publish all other Funfest mission exclusive pokemon if you have it -Red and Green Anniversary Pichu (hatched) in Gen 4 http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_traded_event_Pok%C3%A9mon_distributions_in_Generation_IV I have also proof for it -Massive Outbreak Pokemon Ruby Lotad in Gen 3 Does it really exist? I found Seedot in Sapphire and Surskit in Emerald with mixing records ...
  20. Here's the problem https://sites.google.com/site/pokemonslots/gen-v/black-2 I don't know if the 1-100 levels are totally random or if they act as in Pokemon Platinum resort area Magikarp
  21. Can RNG predict the apparence of lv 1 or lv 100 Gyrados in Nature Preserve? I mean there's a slot for them lv1-100 Gyrados but how does the level mecanism work?
  22. hi, is there any tool to get all the funfest missions, modify them or anything else? I'm really interested by the special event missions, who are mostly exclusive to Japan (some were undistributed also). Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi, is there any code (or trick) to get all funfest missions? I'd love to get the event ones, especially those with Togetic in Hidden Hollow ^^
  24. All I wait about the e-reader now is what is this unreleased 21st us card in pokemon colosseum? It can be really interesting to force-load this content. Source: https://tcrf.net/Pok%C3%A9mon_Colosseum
  25. Thanks for the Gyrados. The Poliwag came from a funfest mission: http://www.serebii.net/black2white2/funfestmission.shtml I have the Magneton, the Togetic, the Chansey, the Dragonair and the Shelgon yet.
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