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  1. I found that, it's not really a proof but ... Not a good news if so.
  2. For the moment I only read comments of people who claimed so but no proof of that, I'm still looking for.
  3. Here the links: Bulbapedia Youtube1 Youtube2 I'll edit
  4. Maybe we can try a re-construction of the Pokemon for the moment. This demo is so incredible, better than Sun/Moon or ORAS ones Edit: @theSLAYER Apparently some people downloaded it on the Eshop
  5. That's really interesting, maybe we can open a research thread in order to find more informations? Edit: there are 6 pokemon + they can be shiny
  6. I know but I asked if there was a public leak of it or something like that. So we have a 5 gen 6 pokemon more to get (the starters, Sylveon and Mewtwo). One day maybe ...
  7. Sorry to ask but Pokemon XY had a demo (with a Sylveon) do we have the rom? Is it possible to extract the Sylveon? Edit: The rom also contains the starters and Mewtwo (mega-Y)
  8. I added the Altering Cave Pokemon. If anyone have the Pokewalker ones please add it ^^
  9. A bit hors-sujet as we say in France but: The development of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Map, using Lego. #JunichiMasudaMasterclass Edit: And the "dorlotage" beta concept (Pokemon Ami in X/Y) Edit: The Glittering Cave was inspired by the French Catacombs Edit: There is an unreleased Pokemon GO music which is a remix of VS RED !!!! Edit: There is an unreleased Pokemon Sun/Moon music which is an alternate version of vs Tiki Pokemon.
  10. Did you know that the creation of Mew was possible because of the deletion of the debugging data such as the ones we force-loaded? #JunichiMasudaMasterclass
  11. If anyone have them why don't add Pokewalker japanese exclusive?
  12. Hi, today we begin this huge thread which collect of the other thread I opened about demo, prototype, bug, unused, unreleased Pokemon. The aim is to collect them all. What we did: -Unused trade pokemon in gen 1 Here SUCCESS -Debugger Pokemon in gen 1 Here SUCCESS -Bug Contest Unused Slot Venomoth in gen2 Here SUCCESS -Hidden Event Pokemon in gen3 Here SUCCESS -Altering Cave Pokemon in Gen3 SUCCESS -XD Salamence, Bonsly, Mew SUCCESS -Battle Pyramid and Pike Pokemon Here SUCCESS -Demo Kiosk Pokemon in Gen 4 Here SUCCESS -Azure Flute via Pokemon Ranger Prototype in gen 4 Here SUCCESS -FunFiesta exclusive mission Pokemon in gen5 Here FAILED -Prototype Wondercard in Distro Rom (Bulbasaur done,Litwick done) SUCCESS -ORAS Demo Pokemon in gen 6 ALMOST DONE -Ghost Marowak in Gen1 and Gen3 HERE SUCCESS -Ghetis Kyurem in gen 5 SUCCESS -Japanese Exclusive Pokewalker Pokemon (x18) SUCCESS thanks to @HaxAras and @suloku -Pokemon Sun/Moon uncatchables (totem, allies, demo ...) ! Here SUCCESS thanks to @thaleskpl @theSLAYER and me -Wailord beta test in gen4 SUCCESS thanks to @BlackShark -Extra Shadow Pokemon in Colosseum Here FAILED -X D Beta starters and beta pokestop geodude SUCCESS thanks to @StarsMmd -Japanese Crystal Debuggers pokemon SUCCESS -Tuto Catch Pokemon SUCCESS thanks to @BlackShark -Pokestar Pokemon in B2W2 HERE ALMOST DONE -Main Battle Debuggers Pokemon in Stadium2 Here SUCCESS thanks to @BlackShark -DP IV Ally Pokemon SUCCESS -RFLG TV Teachy Pokemon SUCCESS -GSC Carrie's and Cal's Pokemon SUCCESS -Debug Battle Rhydon SUCCESS -Stadium 1 and 2 Rentals thanks to @SwagKey SUCCESS -Yellow Bug Town Pokemon SUCCESS - Beta E-card SUCCESS -Battle Revolution Rental Pokemon thanks to @BlackShark SUCCESS -Unused Roaming Darkrai thanks to @Aurum SUCCESS -XY Unused Static Encounters thanks to @Cstylzzz SUCCESS -Crystal Cavern Glitch Pokemon SUCCESS -German Debug Treecko thanks to @BlackShark SUCCESS -WCS17 QR Rental Teams thanks to @Holla! SUCCESS -SM Unused Static Pikachu thanks to @Cstylzzz SUCCESS -Glitch Gen1 Trades ALMOST DONE -SM Illegal Kommo-o and Shuckle thanks to @Ruby Genseki SUCCESS -USUM Morimoto and Iwao Pokemon thanks to @BlackShark SUCCESS -Test Pidove Wondercard thanks to @Sabresite SUCCESS -USUM Uncatchables thanks to @Ruby Genseki SUCCESS -GSC Safari Beta Zone Pokemon SUCCESS -Unused Entei Script SUCCESS -XD Bingo Pokemon IN PROGRESS -Shiny Trainers Pokemon thanks to @SwagKey SUCCESS -XD Demo Pokemon SUCCESS -Colosseum Demo Pokemon thanks to @BlackShark SUCCESS -Unused Pelago Pokemon thanks to @Ruby Genseki @Poke J and me SUCCESS -Zeraora from Battle Video SUCCESS What we found: XY (with 6 pokemon); BW (with 5 pokemon); Ruby/Saphir; FireRed/LeafGreen; Emerald demos are still unavaible. Maybe one day? Unrelased Proto Pokemon(07-05).rar
  13. Yes, I will. Like that other projects can be started too. Do you have a preference for the location of this huge-thread? I'm a bit busy today by the Japan Expo Junichi Masuda masterclass it's really interesting what he says about the history of the developpement of the game. I hope we can do subtitles for ProjectPokemon in order to save and share this moment.
  14. For me "leftovers" pokemon are all unique. Some are known, some are really hidden. My next challenge will be the FunFiesta exclusive mission ones; I'd love to get also the wild Scizor and the wild Shiinotic from Sun/Moon (the ones you cannot catch) and the Litwick wondercard from Gen5. And honestly it's very exciting challenges ^^
  15. Well, I didn't input an encounter code but I did as said in my post. I inverted Caterpie and Venomoth slots. Is it or not legal is not really the question. The data exists in the game but cannot apparently be accessed.
  16. Here's my biggest challenge. Any idea to beggin? Such as the location in the rom?
  17. Done. It was really easy. 049 - AEROMITE - 515C.pk2
  18. @theSLAYERNo you're right ^^ But we can exchange for example the Caterpie slot with the Venomoth or something like that
  19. But Paras can evolve too in that list and there is no Parasect.
  20. In Pokemon Crystal the Hex are located in 97DB0 in ROM And in the RAM the Bug-Contest events are in ????
  21. Here's my new challenge: try to get the unused bug-catching contest Venomoth in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal what we know: there is an unused Venomoth table in bug-catching contest what we ignore: is it possible to force-load the content? or is it just a leftover? Helpers are welcome. I also beggin my studies about FunFiesta mission but it'll take time.
  22. @theSLAYEROk where are the SID and IV locations? I'll try to do it
  23. Such an epic fail ^^ Ok let's recreate them so
  24. No problem, I thought too that unfortunately we have to reconstruct them. I saw this video Apparently you can get starters and play the entire game. So maybe a comparison between a starter obtained in the demo and obtained in the game will help us to reconstruct the .pk4 ?
  25. To search Roselia 4900590140012800 and for MimeJr 70007F0166003C00
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