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  1. So does this fill your whole pokédex, or can it be used to fill only spaces of species you have in your boxes but not in your dex? Because I kinda want to fill the dex on my own, but since I do modify pokes I receive thru wonder trading to make them fancier, it bugs me that the dex doesn't show their current forms. For example, I received a bad beedrill yesterday, and I want to use it, so I made it shiny and decent stats and whatnot, but the dex doesn't show I have a shiny beedrill. I'd like to register it, but not registering all the pokes I don't yet own.
  2. Hum, is that so? When you use PCedit, you execute something that writes in your 3ds's sd card, and game updates are stored in the sd card, so I don't think it's that different (sure, writting your ram into your sd card is different than writting something that's stored online into the card, but I think it's doable).
  3. Would it be possible, in the future, to inject game updates via this exploit? If it could be, would projectpokemon's team try to do it or it's not in your interests?
  4. Shadow Ball and Autotomize as egg moves?
  5. A friend tried battling with a team of Sigilyph, pangoro, gastrodon, umbreon, pyroar and shiftry and he couldn't, are you sure all the pokes are legal? Checking the pangoros, both of them have the same encryption constant. Same for both pyroars. Edit: Gastrodon has clear smog but doesn't have it in his relearn moves. Edit 2: Even without gastrodon, he can't battle with that team. I don't see what's wrong. Edit 3: Drapion has night shade. Edit 4: glalie carries grass gem, which is unreleased.
  6. Bisharp has night slash and thunder wave as egg moves while he can't have neither one. Gallade has rock slide and zen headbutt as egg moves while he can't have either one.
  7. Marry me under the full moon. As far as I know, editing IVs and natures don't affect the PID, or at least they didn't do in 5th gen.
  8. I got some questions. Are there plans in the future to use the same web exploit to export pokémons from the game to the sd card? I don't know if that's possible, but I consider editing currently existing pokémons to yield better results. Specially, since I want them to have my current TID and SID. Is there any pkx database where you can get stuff such as wish chansey-kangaskhan in pkx without it being considered illegal? Even the one I had traded for in 5th gen didn't pass the bank... and I don't want illegal pokes in my gen 6 games, I would even be 100% legit if it wasn't for the fact that people are using that stuff that's only obtainable by hacking really (wish chansey, etc). Does the PID reroll take in count all the factors that make it legal? The PID and SID, etc. Are the different PID generation methods included? It surprises me how fast the PIDs are generated even tho pokégen did take a fair while to find the correct PIDs for certain characteristics (specially the shinnyness according to the PID and the SID). And finally, and I hope I won't be offending anyone with this... any plans to retake the pokécheck project? Specially now that there are unofficial servers to retrieve wifi functions for dsi and former. Oh, and last but not least, does this allow to add the injected pokémons to the pokédex? Edit: for the last question, I guess it doesn't really matter because I could just pokébank the hacked pokes and load them back to add them to the dex.
  9. Do you know what "legitimacy" means?
  10. Does someone have that famous timid 5 IV ditto clone to trade away? I can't give away much, but after all, it's a clone. I'm not going to give 3 competitive shinies for it, like some people are asking for... If so, tell me what you're looking for and we can make a decent deal.
  11. Actually, he's making a point. If you set a server in your PC to make the console thing it's connecting to the internet... But that's like, impossible as of now, you'd need to emulate a GTS exploit but with nintendo servers instead.
  12. Edit: Nevermind. I didn't even think at first of searching for the name of the program AND the author. Found it in google
  13. From the region byte, which was quoted some posts before?
  14. I suppose you mean legal. It's impossible to "create" a legit pokémon by any means other than capturing it in game. Legitimacy and legality are 2 different concepts.
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