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  1. I've been trying and trying to create legit Pokemon for my friend using Pokegen, but I've had no luck. Pokecheck says that the PID Pokegen generated for the pokemon is invalid, and also says that there are invalid trash bytes in my friend's OT name, and the Pokemon's nicknames. The OT data I copy and pasted directly into the OT field from a legit pokemon they traded to me. What is going on?? Can somebody please help me fix these pkm files? I don't care that much about keeping the OT the same, but the nicknames are important. 2B642618_Espeon..pkm D37CF467_Ampharos..pkm B8422BE6_Shuckle..pkm 36E477EE_Lucario..pkm 6AB43569_Arcanine..pkm 1AF6B56B_Milotic..pkm
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