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  1. I've run into a problem related to smallFTPd. I can't seem to connect to the FTP server anymore. It worked fine a couple of days ago. I changed the ini file to use my current IP address. Would anyone happen to know of a few easy to miss things I might have overlooked or some pointers in general?
  2. The problem for DSi(XL) lies in the fact that game carts can't be swapped while the DSi is running. DS Phat and Lite allow this. This is not something the/a program running on a DSi(XL) can change. EDIT: All of the above is "IIRC".
  3. Just dropping by to say that I've succesfully backed-up and restored my Pokémon Black Save file (English EU version) using the latest version of your program and an AK2i. Thank you for your awesome work!
  4. Absolutely wonderful, works flawlessly!
  5. I'm guessing either of those lines edits the voice groups? Since some/the(I haven't tested them all) songs have some wrong sounds in them. EDIT: Some songs are using a different soundbank, it seems. That's why they sound off. This is proven by the fact that Jotho Wild, Trainer and Leader all sound like they should, they're on soundbank 1 according to VGM trans. So you'd have to find a way to change the bank number for the other songs...
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