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  1. Which is why I thought of emulating WiFi (Sorry for being off-topic, maybe we would redirect further conversation about this to PMs)
  2. But how should the console know that there is a patch available and block online interactions if I don't connect to any servers and keep my console off the interwebz at all?
  3. Would it work if I use my laptop as a local router and let two consoles connect on it (something like a fake WiFi) that haven't been updated yet? If so, what would I need to get things running?
  4. I am not sure how much of a help it is, but people had been talking about Masuda Method in this thread, so I'll just dump the results of my experiments. As people may or may not know, the stats inherited to the offspring are even determined before the egg is generated, thus you can save, generate the egg, take it, hatch it, check its IVs and look up which parent inherited what stat. Now "international" and "normal" breeding use different algorithms when it comes to determining which stats are inherited, so there is always one inheritence spread for normal breeding and one for international breeding. If you use a "Japanese" (meaning language set to Japanese but region still normal) and a Japanese (real Japanese one with both language and region set to Japan), the international inheritance spread is used instead of the normal one. If you use completely foreign parents, also the international inheritance spread is used. Which means that determining whether the international or normal inheritance algorithm is used is based on region settings. It is most likely that the international breeding algorithm also makes shinies appear more frequently which means that international breeding and the Masuda Method are related to each other, but in the end people may whine because they only set the language to a foreign one for nothing and claim that this is just a theory (though everything points to it being the case) since we can't dig into the ROM and look that mechanics up. Hope that information is helpful in any way. (Also what I wonder is whether the chances of encountering a shiny had been increased. Instacheck uses that shiny values that are 12-bit long while the determination stays the same (XOR first 12 bits of LPID, UPID, SID and TID etc). If still the 13-bit numbers were used for determining shininess like in previous generations, there would have been a load of false positives within Instacheck and people would notice it early since very many people use it, but somehow I am not sure if I am just missing something that makes the chances remain 1:8192 instead of 1:4096.)
  5. I apologize in advance if the question isn't allowed in this thread. So the addresses E0-E3 contain "Country ID", "Region ID", "3DS Region ID" and "OT Language". How are those "filled"? Is Country ID determined by the game itself (meaning every game has a stamp depending on where the game was produced) or is it determined by the country set in the 3DS? Also, does Region ID belong to the state or what is meant by this and what's the difference between Region ID and 3DS Region ID? Last but not least I would be interested which address is used for determining whether two Pokémon apply for international breeding but I guess this can't be told at the moment. I was curious because many people buy a second version and set the language to one they didn't choose in their first version in order to do international breeding, but of course noone knows if it works that easy. What I can say though is that Pokémon caught within a game with another language set show another language in the summary, so this is most likely determined by OT language, but in the end, this doesn't automatically have to do with international breeding.
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to inject the eReader berries into the game (e.g. player's PC) by editing the savefile. But HERE I can't find those berries. This is strange to me, since the eReader berries were already available in R/S. Does someone know what the index numbers of the eReader berries are? Or in general if just inserting the items by index number will work (without the use of eReader)? I apologize in advance in case this has already been asked. Greetings,
  7. I don't know if Android apps differ much from iPhone apps, but you can drag&drop the .apk file (app installation file) to your Android smartphone and install the app, this way you don't have to put it to the app store and can publish it here. If there is still enough interest. Personally, I wouldn't use such an app, I got Pokécheck, I got a flashcard to get my savefile from, I got IR-GTS and I even got a backup tool for my NDS retail cartridges to even get those savefiles (and thus the .pkm files). If my smartphone could emulate a fake GTS, this would be interesting, but though I wouldn't really need it.
  8. Hack the ROM. Brendan isn't implemented in Heartgold, so you have to edit the game itself.
  9. May anyone translate the Black 2 code into the European (Germany) version? Or is there a general method how to translate such codes into another language (so I may do so on my own)? Edit: Kaphotics helped me to get the German codes. German Black 2: German White 2: English Black 2: English White 2: Greetings,
  10. Could you translate this code into one that is for the German Black/White version? This'd be epic.
  11. I'd like to have a code that sets my Pokédex to seen for Meloetta only. I don't want the complete Pokédex or stuff. I use the German Black Version. I hope this is possible to be done. Edit: Oh wait, I could just cheat a wild one and don't catch it. Silly me.. They aren't implemented ingame, which means you don't encounter them anywhere. The only way to get them legally is by Nintendo's distributions.
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