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  1. for some reason when I upload my pokegen pokemon to pokegen the legality analysis says everything is fine except that under locations it says "possible method J/K slots don't match encounter" I am trying to make a pidgeotto in gen 4(heartgold) that looks like it was caught at route 29 as a level 2 pidgey but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I honestly do not know what i did wrong. I also just noticed it says valid (method K) under the PID so i am not sure if this is a false negative or not? I wonder if it is possible that since there were 2 PIDs it showed in pokegen when I hit generate and they both have the same nature,gender, ability, and IVs if it is possible that this means these are for each of the places you can encounter a level 2 wild pidgey in Heartgold, however when I export to code the code it genarates is the exact same for the one I used for this one.
  2. I'm having the same problem it seems. whenever i run into a wild pokemon its not shiny. p.s. not sure if this helps but I am using ardsi and ds lite
  3. do either the wild nature code or the change nature on status screen code work with everstone for passing on the pokemon's nature because the wild nature code in HG didn't do this so I couldn't get my pokemon to inherit the nature. also, has found a code to get the monkeys from the girl in the dream yard again, it would be very useful.
  4. Wait, if we delete the moves we taught them will they be legal again, or is that pokemon permanently illegal even if we delete it?
  5. yeah umbreon needs foul play that way you can breed it with an attack reducing nature and an attack IV of 0! btw for the love of god flareon and entei need flare blitz, especially flareon because of it's massive attack, and of course lets not not forget to give jolteon electro ball.
  6. My one and only problem with simipour is that it does not learn hydro pump unless you breed from wailord or samurott's evolutionary line so i used a code to teach it hydro pump but the thing is that my simipour didn't hatch from an egg. So my question is, will my simipour show up as illegal if i use it online?
  7. so basically you can hack shinies in gen V and they will still show up as legit, which that means I can use my shiny hydreigon that i turn shiny with a marking code after it hatched
  8. yeah its obviously flareon, vaporeon, jolteon i mean their stats even have a few similarities for instance both entei and flareon, both are physical attackers but sadly neither learn flare blitz , raikou and jolteon both have good sp. attack and speed and suicune and vaporeon are both better at sp. attack than physical attack
  9. Bulbasaur, because i love grass types
  10. I was wondering if using the code to turn any pokemon you receive shiny in heartgold makes them illegal in wifi as as you don't alter the nature and IVs? an answer would be much appreciated because i finally decided to try and get another shiny espeon and want it to be legal.
  11. are saying as long as the pid matches its not illegal?
  12. Well once I saw the trainer tower in frlg had a green espeon I decided to try breed my own. Somehow I was lucky enough to get a shiny male eevee on my third try. Then I evolved it into an espeon. Unfortunately my emerald got deleted and my favorite pokemon was forever lost.
  13. I was wondering if anyone could answer these questions 1. In heartgold I used a code to max out the IVs of Event Raikou, Entei, and Celebi and and I transfered them to my white version I was wondering if I were to use the gts would I get banned for having them in my pc. If so is there any way to return their IVs to normal so they would legal again? 2. I was wondering if using AR codes in white version to mark my pokemon shiny and to change their nature in the status screen would make them illegal because I used the shiny code on my deino and want to know if I can use it for wifi battles because it took me forever to breed a male deino with a rash nature and amazingly high legit IVs. I also wanted to change Simipours nature to modest so that it would have better special attack. 3. If I used code to teach a pokemon an egg move that didn't hatch from an egg would it show up as illegal because I used it to teach my Simipour hydro pump, and I don't want to get banned.
  14. sorry had to dig through to find this post after i found it i did what you said but once i did that the egg hatched a normal colored pokemon, although i would like to know if you mean to hatch the egg after unmarking it or to breed it after it hatches, i even double checked to make sure the code was right could someone please post the original version so i can see if it works with that code, because my pokedex says that i caught a shiny zweilous and not a shiny deino or hydreigon
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