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  1. Or you could not use R4 at all for doing Pokemon .sav files. Try using NDS+ or an SMS4. These two things will give a better .sav then R4 does any day. Then you can just go in and use the latest version of PokeGen or the latest version of PokeSav. No matter which program you choose to use they will both open up the files from the file extracted using NDS+ or SMS4. Also, thank your evanddixon for supplying the links so I didn't have to go get them personally
  2. NETGEAR isn't the company that will automatically distribute their routers with a default WEP key. They'll give you the option to buy one with a WEP already on it, but that is vary rare. If your WPA2 is working when you go through and set-up everything on your DSi's home screen internet settings and run a connection test and everything tests perfectly then it should work perfectly fine in game too. To be sure though and I can't remember how to do this on the DSi and if you can or not, but go into the DS connection set-up and set-up a connection through there too. If it runs perfect without
  3. Dang it, I was hoping to not have to drop money on one but oh well. How much are they at right now? If someone has found a way to go into the 3DS SD card and pull .sav files out that way let me know that would be great. Thanks!
  4. That works too, or you could go and use PokeGTS to upload it straight from the .pkm file that you edited and saved. Its also easier to do the editing straight from PokeGTS' built-in online editor for all Gen I-IV or use this for all Gen V Pokemon so that then you can receive it straight from there through the GTS on your DS system. For instructions on how to use PokeCheck or PokeGTS. Even if you go and do it through the long route of doing through Python then do make sure you back up every file. PokeGTS and PockeCheck do everything for you on on simple site! I hope this helped. Message me on t
  5. I can go in and make a full party and box of shinies perfectly fine without having the problem of them being changed. Is what I would is after you make the pokemon you want go into PokeCheck. If everything checks out to your liking then use PokeGTS to upload the saved .pkm file and send it over to your DS system. Make sure to also follow the instructions carefully on how to connect to their distrubution servers and the Pokemon Check servers. Hope this helps!
  6. Is it possible do this using the SD card from my 3DS by just plugging it in to my comp? Is there a program that'll allow me to do that or do I need to go out and buy a NDS+ or an SMS4?
  7. I'll use that or I'll pop it open in PokeSav and then save and open it in an emulator to transfer it to my retail game
  8. I understand how to use Pokemon GTS but the bigger issue that I'm having is when I use PokeGen to create a full party+a full box I go to save it and when I open it again it doesn't keep all my Pokemon that I had created. Am I saving it wrong because I go in and save it as the non-encrypted party 220 byte one. Is there another method that I have to do or am I doing it right?
  9. Really would post google wouldn't you? Man that means a possible 1,352,342 matched searches that I'd have to sift through Why me...? LOL Thanks for Smogon. Forgot about that site lol
  10. So its been a while since I was an avid competitive battler, but its been like 4 years since I've built my team I was wondering if there was anyone that would be able to point me to a site that list all Gen I-V pokemon and their respective EV placements and IV placements along with what kind of team they are good for, also their attacks set-up too! Any info/help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. You're probably better off going into a Pokemon Black Emulator and try loading up everything there. If everything does load up and nothing goes wrong then it should be able to transfer over to your .sav file after you pull everything out on the emulator and re-save it then put it back to the AR.
  12. Alright, I've been reading all over the forums and really didn't see if these two things have been asked/talked about yet. The one big thing I'm wondering is if it is better off for me to start up a game of PW on DeS and then transfer my pokemon there and then to my DS, or should I just use pokemongts and transfer them that way? I know that'll be still transferring them one-by-one either way, but I just don't really see a way to transferring a decent amount that I've made all at the same time. If this has been talked about already please just link me in the direction of the post and I'll gladl
  13. Tell us how would that be any easier then spending the extra 10 seconds like Codr said it would take to do it yourself. Your basically asking him to take up more of his time to go in and add a code for a useless suggestion that would take 5-10minutes for him to add. It makes no since into adding a "Max EV" or "Max IV" button when you can take the 10 seconds yourself.
  14. Mr.Chansey


    I don't think he is talking about going into Google Translator or something of the sort and doing it that way...
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