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  1. I was going to make a female Furret but when I went to change to female gender BUT it pretty much told me I couldnt change it .(it wouldnt allow me to click on a different gender...) I tested it out on others too...didnt work :confused:
  2. 255 for Ev's and 31 for Iv's . I know but it would make it "easier" to make them...anyway,it was a suggestion,if you don't like it don't add it,but it would make it more innovative to use.
  3. Hi, I have a suggestion to make making (max stated) Pokemon easier. I'm busy a lot of the time (school and code requests don't mix :tongue:) and I was thinking if you would be nice enough to put 2 buttons that say "Max Ev's" and "Max IV's". I think it could be useful ..
  4. Thank you for the guide .I will however probably NEVER be banned :cool:
  5. It means that it has more than one area and you select which area you got it there.(i believe)
  6. I can change things to Italian,Spanish,German, and pretty much any language, as long as i have time.
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