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  1. I don't understand how to get the altered stuff to the DS game >.< please help meh.
  2. I would like a Duskull and a Horsea egg :] My code is 0603 5125 5621 Please PM me if you would like to trade.
  3. I will trade a Darkrai. But I already have a Heatran. Do you have anything else to offer?
  4. I Would love to make some poffins :] I don't think I have much berried though :[ My Friend code is 0603 5125 5621 And the name is Sierra :] ---------- Post added at 02:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:05 PM ---------- I would love to make some poffins :] But I don't think i have very many berries :[ My code is 0603 5125 5621 And the name is Sierra :]
  5. Pokemon: Mightyenna, Treeko Gender: Either. Time: Whenever your ready. Code: 0603 5125 5621 Thanks :] -Sierra
  6. Hey, I am looking for a Shamin (spelling?), Deoxys, Celebi, Raquaza, or Jirachi. I have a Cresselia, Mesprit, Uxie, Azlef, Moltres, Heatran, and a Giratina all level 50 and above I am willing to trade. And if you feel a one-to-one trade is not enough, I may be willing to trade two of mine for one of yours. Thanks :] I am now also looking for a Mew, Mewtwo, and Arceus :3
  7. I have a Lapras, but its in my Diamond....which I currently can't find. But I would love to trade it for a Celebi as soon as I find it :] I could trade a level 50 Moltres ot Heatran for something, but you probably already have them.
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