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  1. Everyone who wants to be involved in the bug finding PM Me. I'll send you a stable patch. It should be about 99% percent english up to Sonyou City. Later tonight I'll probably make another one to test SANYOU CITY and the TEAM PlAsma event. If you can could you make a video that would be nice. That way if you come across an error that I didn't then I can redo you're exact footsteps to see if I get that error too.
  2. awesome swivel this will totally help with fixing those random things. Its not my top priority though, but If I feel like I'm bored of a certain area I'll probably go through and hack n slash it out. It's like a 2 second fix for each one lol
  3. It annoys me too. It's to do with the game engine, I'll have to find it and create the permissions or whatever it's called. In other words I will need to increase the limits of the characters and also switch the English table with the Japanese one. And for the Pokemon name...hmm I'm not sure if I can do that, but I'll try. I'm no specialist of Pokemon Game Engines, but I've made a hack on a old GBA game once. So yeah. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH I CAN ONLY TRY! lol
  4. I'm about to compile a patch for people who are working on the game only. It should be about 99% english up to sonyou city. Once I finish Sanyou I'll throw that in there too. So it's about time to review and fix bugs. Although I think I've avoided a lot of them this time around.
  5. Thanks on the trainer card, I didn't do that but I do believe I heard that was on the v2 patch too. If you would so kindly verify that. I'd apprecate it. I'll try and fix that if so.
  6. Okay, here shortly I will be needed Official beta testers/bug finders who will help me on side of the progress of the release for the v3. That way I get help and not everyone will get spoilers, so v3 is still exciting. Anyone up for this? I'd like videos throughout the game and stuff it's okay for it to be public, for it will just get people excited.
  7. When is v3 coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol jk I personally wouldn't mind for next week lol I'd give me plenty of time to do some hefty work on the story. People got a little spoiled with me releasing a patch as is =p
  8. That sounds like a movement permission error, that isn't text based by any means unless I'm on some really strong stuff 0.0 Could someone else confirm this?
  9. Thanks reviewing it now. Looks like a lot of signs/trainer tips are english now. one less thing for me to do =D
  10. Take a snapshot of an outside person in the 4th city and NSSVELOCITY will find it within 30 secs to 10 mins...he's so fast.
  11. This time it went VERY well I guarantee it =D I think i'm going to make a special place for NSSVelocity on my thread NINJA WORK: Stuff only NSSvelocity can do in a matter of minutes. pic pic pic pic lol okay?
  12. Thank you, I think Bel might be set up with 2 different txt files, but I'll worry about that later. After this last thing Route 2 is 100% English with NO Typos or LINE BREAKS. =D
  13. Oops thats my bad..i didn't attach it! okay here http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/ruinairas/33.png
  14. Either I overlooked it but I dont see the telemarker lol. It has the beginning of it but the actual event.
  15. With you and me working together we could have this done in know time. 50% of my time goes towards finding it. And very little time decoding it!
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