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  1. I didn't forget it, my "T" sticks. A couple buttons on my computer need replaced. Typo finding wizard though =D (<<<To be exact that isn't a finished sentence lol>>>
  2. I'm pretty sure it's a girl..or a girly looking guy. Hell, even my GF thinks it's a girl lol. It's a boy 0.0 Just verified it...omg lol
  3. kinda like my narc file being messed up it was like 109,102mb big..lol as for the battle text like status of a Pokemon and the Run Bag Pokemon things. I dunno if it's text based. If it is NSSvelocity would find it in a heartbeat I'm sure of it. I think it's actual images. So whoever did the Title Screen would probably be able to just get rid of it, simply because english is below it. The status should be updated too I agree.
  4. SCANNING....lol if it's in the Story git I'll probably run across it soon. Edit: I got a headache, but I can't stop working...I'm a WoRKAHOLIC
  5. Thanks, I'll get working on it ASAP. Starting to finish that up and got a major head ache. I'm going to take a break for a bit. Bug finders PM me if you find anything or have a video up. Okay, peace be back in a bit hopefully I took some meds so yeah.
  6. Ah thats okay, it's voluntary not necessary, and I just posted about the vid lol. It should have been done like instantly.
  7. I put webs but I ment FREEWEBS.com, but I got that out of the way...hows the video coming along?
  8. Lol nvm, I figured it out. Click here to test it if you wish Now that's out of the way, I'm going to continue bug fixing =D
  9. I'd make a very bold print text starting It's voluntary and it's for the PATCH only, NOT THE GAME. =D
  10. I'm thinking about opening up a dontation with the story translation project. You wouldn't have to donate, but it would help me with finances and allow me more time to work on it. I'm self employed as is so I do not have have a boss to tell me to come to work lol Ultimately ifs a matter of opinion. Should I open up a donation for this, of any amount?
  11. After NSS finds that and I get that all good and ready to go. I'll touch some stuff up and prepare it and continue on route 3 and the next town. I'll finalize that all up and apply current bug fixes found and create another patch for bug finding
  12. I got something for you. lol you got here at the right time! http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/ruinairas/FUCKUMON_29_27552.png
  13. That was fixed and reundone. I'm merging my narc files now. also I noticed that the part at the route 1 is japanese again. merging it. Sanyou City- Outside is fixed and most likely 100% English I'm working on the indoors and once done, the city will be complete.
  14. Thats okay, I'm doing the same working ahead. They can report the bugs and we can go back and fix them =D
  15. ポケルマ is indeed Pokerus. It may already been done for v3. you'd have to ask NSSVELOCITY. he's our forum stalker.
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