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  1. that was an old patch. Try the new one I'm uploading them for both white and black Added to first post of this thread. Hope that solves peoples issues, I've also took all other download links down. So if it don't work odds are you just need to get the one on the thread now.
  2. I got acekard 2i and it works. =D I have the HW 80 version though I dunno his. Nor do I know his setup...lol pokemon black/white is a pain to work to begin with. I'm making fresh black AND white patches. I'd recommend every start a new game and start from scratch to see if that solves the issue.
  3. I went through it just fine. I have also completed the cheren and bel battles at the beginning of the game that is now 100% English. I looked at the N thing and it shouldn't freeze, Let me try on my acekard and r4 real quick. Froze on the r4 (I added an extra . to "I see.." so it is now "I see..." and it works fine.
  4. If anyone has a save on desmume next to that can i get a screenie? and I'll look into it it's rather important
  5. Eh, well looks like I'll have to make another patch specially for you.. -.- You get the advantage of seeing some of the bug fixes then huh lol
  6. Nintendo Anti Piracy patch might not have it fixed 100% consider it happens "IN BATTLES WHERE XP IS GAINED" just a guess. Kinda like the issue with Halo Reach there anti piracy was so strict even some retail copies didn't work lol
  7. Acekard 2i...and I dunno haven't tested it...I went and lost my info on Sanyou -.- ugh now I gotta find that txt file is the outside of it...ugh
  8. yeah on black I fixed it. I will do that in a bit I'm working on route 2 and the gym leader fixin them up. Since I have a majority of it already done its like shooting form the 2nd town and the 5th town...lol
  9. No problem for me. Thats a common problem even with a non patched game. Try it again. If it continues get a new game and patch it. that happens to me even on the original cart believe it or not.
  10. I'll check into the pichu thing lol thats odd as hell. And Bel it works on my end maybe it was a memory error that i accidently fixed lol btw did the n fix your team plasma and "n" issue?
  11. I think I 've been fixing faster than you've been patching my previous post shows it's all on english (but random thingy I dunno what it is)
  12. Thats been concluded on the last patch here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=45E13RLB (It fixed some breaks and errors)
  13. Fixed. =D We make them battle everyday\xfffeand we teach them nothing but violence! thats on the last patch on the internet too 0.0
  14. I never leave a project unfinished. I've always completed them. Unless of course my computer crashes and have to start from scratch, but I got backups on the internet and on flash drives.
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