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  1. I dunno a fix for that, but I'd recommend using Desmume. It can save and done right it moves fast and more accurate than No$gba...No$gba=OUTDATED and ABANDONED.
  2. For a majority all the way up to route 3. the one thats soon to go to our bug testers is up to Raimon City. Soneek and I have been working hard at it. The final Point of the next release will be a majority English all together for Raimon City. From there hard to say. If confused here. Bug tester patch: Our selected few test the patches for bugs and typos. We correct them in a nice package and release to public. Released: An actual finished waypoint for the v3. Tester: It's a simple glimps of what to expect and to get people excited for new releases =)
  3. <Put the clean copy or black or white in a folder <Put the patch that goes for that black or white in that same folder <Download xdeltaGUI and put that in the folder, and xdelta file <Open xdeltaGUI click select patch> <Click Select Rom to select your clean copy <Click apply patch <Wait about 30 secs to a minute then it's done and will be called whateverthename_patched.nds
  4. Hey, We need a guy like you. I was just thinking I wish someone could work on the formats and you show up =) Your help would be greatly appreciated the first town thru the end of Route 2 isn't going to be touched so it's safe to safe it can be "formatted" =)
  5. -.- lol that would mean I'd have to go through all of them...cuz I don't got a git to compare insantly...could you compile a latest narc so I see what I just "REtranslated" that just made me kick the bucket Okay, just for a quick jump note, did you or anyone translate the people that weren't translated in the narc 3 you gave me earlier to work with? (Route 3)
  6. Translating a game isn't illegal and I'm sure Nintendo knows about it like you said. It's under the "Fair use" law if I do believe.
  7. currently looking for http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/ruinairas/FUCKUMON_40_3704.png and I'm going to take a little break. I'm hungry and need to rest my eye balls.
  8. Very good idea you have to be very careful when talking about those I got in trouble by telling someone not to ask about them...
  9. Take your time. I've got a lot to do my self, but lets try to get this done in 2 days if possible. Any mistypes like /xxxpoka??? can be fixed by me as I love doing that especially when I got the "f your pokemon when out of PP" one time. It was funny to me!
  10. I was there in 2003, nice place, I've been to nintendo as well. I got a gamecube that day if I remember right.
  11. People may be suprized I might have this town ready for the next patch too =D I'll leave dream ruins for you to do if you wish. I dislike doing large amounts of event texts like the team plasma there. It takes to much out of me in one setting. I like getting all the other stuff done first, but If we could get that done too then we'll have it good. I'm finishing up route 3 now. Statistics: Route 3: Ruinairas Sonyou Town Outside/Indoors:Ruinairas Fixes:Ruinairas Dream Ruins: Soneek (If he'd like to do that) Hinu City: Soneek (He'd agreed to doing that) Raimon city: Ruinairas Resort Dessert: Ruinairas Shippou City: Ruinairas Yaguruma forest: Undecided Estimate time of finish: 2 days going to put this on first post.
  12. Yup, currently working/finding on this http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/ruinairas/special-1.png
  13. Yeah, currently trying to get walk thru walls to work on desmume. got it to work, on the way to hinu city I ran into a legit shiny mamepato, lol at first I thought the cheat had a shiny code, but it didn't it was a real pokemon =D pics http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/ruinairas/maineventpoke.png http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/ruinairas/randomhinu.png a typo that you'd should fix didn't take time to look for it but its a obvious one its the girl talking about Tms http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/ruinairas/unlimited2-1.png
  14. Alright. Okay for our little debuggers. I'm fixing up Sonyou city and the route 3, and shippou city ect. Soneek is going to be working on Hinu City. So when we put it together it will be a drastic update. =D (Note it may seem I'll be doing a lot more, idk about that all in all hinu city is BIG and a lot of events happen in it so it will probably be tricky to get it done.)
  15. Hmm, just pinpoint the major errors like "Hello my pokemon/xfffe???? You don't know what I said/xfffebefore because of a runerror. =P It will make your life a lot easier and I'm sure others will point it out as they play the game +) and when I do give you the other bug finding patch, I'd recommend continuing from the end of Route 2 when recording. It's not necessary to redo it again with the correct fixes =) Speaking of which I believe I got some fixes I have yet to do.
  16. I believe you can use photoshop, however you most likely need to be careful what colors you use (try to use the same colors already used) and make sure you do not change any dimensions for ex if it was normally this save.png 256x256 (16bit color) then change.png 256x256 (using same colors already used) Don't ask me where to find it in the game engine if you don't know, because I don't know anything of the such, haven't messed with Black/white images before.
  17. Once Soneek is on we can discuss what he's been doing and what I've been doing put it together..so odds are you'll be bug finding up to or past hiun city. thats a big fat maybe, Hiun City + all the other stuff up to that point is a big chunk of the game. I dunno if I'd want to reveal that much, maybe up to the next route or something =p
  18. I'd do a patch that you'd "Addon to v3" in other words I'd have a patch for old style black and new style black and same for the white versions. <Patch v3 on clean rom> <Patch v3 with extra expansion> thats what it'll be like =D A hidden tester has been put onto first post 0.0
  19. The last I checked I'll have 2 more people. Just for everything to know I tested the v3 and yes indeed it doesn't go as far as my patch, thats my fault I have either been busy or just not feeling well and didn't get my narc file ready for Kaarsou. I'll make a addon patch for the v3 patch so you'll enjoy what's on v3 and more! Soneek and I are working together on this, so lets see what we can do!
  20. Okay, now that I'm back and not busy. What has all changed while I was "missing" lol? The narcs and stuff from you were removed? I was going to merge that and my current work, but then "invalid link" happend.
  21. Okay, I'll probably hook you guys up tomorrow. I'm not the feeling the bestest to mess around on the computer for a while.
  22. Would anyone like me to put up a patch to try and solve everyones issue with wifi connections and freezing?
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