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  1. Well I haven't ever done a spoiler thing for one before and two what I was trying to do but my computer is asking really strange. what I was trying to do was start with google translated stuff that I know could possibly be right and make it make sense. In the end I looked at the post and I hit myself on the head and said forget it.
  2. Yeah me too. I used google translator to try and help. everyone knows it only helps like around 20-50 percentile.
  3. I don't know if this helps any but uh Line 1:It increases wild encounter rate \ xfffe slightly \ xfffe it lasts for 3 minutes. Line 2:It increases wild encounter rate\ xfffe by double\ xfffe it lasts for 3 minutes. Line 3:Chances of capturing \ xfffe a pokemon increases\ xfffe it lasts for 3 minutes. Line 4:It decreases wild encounter rate \ xfffe greatly \ xfffe it lasts for 3 minutes. Line 5:It decreases wild encounter rate \ xfffe harshly\ xfffe it lasts for 3 minutes. やせいの ポケモンと すこし\xfffeそうぐうしやすく なります\xfffeこうかは 3ふん です やせいの ポケモンと とても\xfffeそうぐうしやすく なります\xfffeこうかは 3ふん です やせいの ポケモンと かなり\xfffeそうぐうしやすく なります\xfffeこうかは 3ふん です やせいの ポケモンと すこし\xfffeそうぐうしづらく なります\xfffeこうかは 3ふん です やせいの ポケモンと とても\xfffeそうぐうしづらく なります\xfffeこうかは 3ふん です やせいの ポケモンと かなり\xfffeそうぐうしづらく なります\xfffeこうかは 3ふん です just trying to help dont be mad at me for trying EDIT: UGH my keyboard and sticky keys thing is messing me all up I give up for now just typing this is proving to be a pain
  4. I got a question guys. instead of having to different translation between german, ect and english. why not make the second option of the game be that instead of kanji or w/e it is. That way one patched game can have both english/german =D edit: Anyone know where to find the japanese inputs for characters names ect? I can translate the the letters into english but I don't know where to find it.
  5. Hey Y'all. I'm just here to ask if it would be possible to translate the PokeShifter and the one menu you use to select either the bike or map. Haven't the foggiest idea what the menu is. The registered menu perhaps? Eh, when I press "Y" it comes up with two options top being the bike and bottom being the town map.
  6. Keep up the good work! the game has been out 11 days and already has been translated so much...at this rate by mid/end of november we'll already have a full unoffical english version! just because i know people are going to say its a dumb idea and just wait for the us release. It's all a matter of opinion which is the better option. I think translating is not a bad idea, its a good way to get a community together and work together. I really dislike seeing people dis translation projects. It's creative and I personally think it's nice.
  7. Pokesav for B/W. Open this up and load your save file..change your trainer names and pokemon to whatever you like...I'd recommend not making godly pokemon though...it ruins the fun.
  8. Either you need to patch it, or simply update the files on the cart...link http://filetrip.net/f13031-The-Temp-M3-Sakura-1-0.html I don't think we should discuss this kind of thing on the forums. best of luck.
  9. Where can I find the text files or the NARC? I believe its in a>0>0>3 but not sure. And also how can I extract the narc files to actually implement the changes?
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