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  1. Um...I found a possible bug that may not have been fixed my puppy pokemon prevented use of item in battle...or something .uh like this "Puppy can't use Oran Berry has been prevented" and then he healed with an oran berry. Sorry for slush for example but I went through it to fast to read it word per word.
  2. Any part of any game as long as you can get to the fly menu. I need a video of it so I can know exactly the names of the towns and where its located so I dont jump from town say 5 and go to town 7 like i did from town 2 to 5....lol
  3. I probably could have NSSVELOCITY compile my edits with the latest for the GIT and that would fix the issues, but I think that would make v3 less attractive...well we could do that and have super speedie updates...which I'm known for...I just hate to ruin v3 excitement..
  4. I'm uploading to youtube now. I forgot I had a youtube account, just hadn't used it in a long time. I'll stick a link on the first post of this thread. Nobody but me has seen it. I just showed a little, just to get people excited =D GRRR, I need someone with Action replay codes....teach a pokemon fly with all 8 badge cheat on and make a short clip of you going through all the towns on the map. I can't seem to get the edit pokemon move code to work...GRRRRRR MAD!!! Linked a new video on first post check it out if ya wish *.0
  5. I get "wish.exe has come to an error and needs to close we apologize for any inconvenience." and gitbash don't even open. So all in all you're farther than i am!
  6. If anyone would upload this video I'm about to make to youtube, I'd appreciate it. It's some of the work that even the dubuggers haven't seen. nvm, I got it I forgot I HAD youtube... lol
  7. Yup, I either put an extra period or none at all. That's me for ya. However, 99% of them I've already redone =p I have 2 copies of Narc. Mine and Unreleased. Mine has stuff all the way up to the fifth town. Unreleased is to Hiun City. I corrected many periods on mine and sorts. It is what will be with v4 after v3. It will be a CLEAN cut =p Most important is I have mine (Unverified Info) and unreleased (Verified info) I feel as though I'm confusing myself reading this. okay, I have a narc filed called "Mine.narc" and an "unreleased.narc" and a "released.narc" Okay Mine.narc hasn't been verified with Serebii and places like that. "Unreleased.narc has been verified, but not completely" released.narc has been verified and released as a patch.
  8. Okay, one sec I'll edit this post with the link and anyway it's suppose to be "NAME, Geez, looks like you win." (more expression) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I6O3FCXC (Disable sound plugin)
  9. ahahah, I just watch video 3 and I found two things that I forgot to implement and are not bugs. The japenese dude and the guy who goes "f your pokemon" lol I ROFLMAO SO HARDCORE TO THAT. #$#@ your pokemon lol
  10. Everyone is typo checking. It's good to double check too, I found some typos that even swivel didn't find lol not to mention sometimes if depends on the order of events that can cause goofs especially with events like receiving the Pokedex. edit after edit lol: Not to mention tomorrow I may be releasing a debug release up to Hiun City. not revealed to anyone before cause I'm cool like that =p
  11. I think it was my acekard..it doesn't like the dsi very well and its loose.
  12. Yeah, but youtube has one problem. TAKES wAY TO Long To ProsSES DJFKAjdfkjad;lfjkldfjakljdfk lol
  13. Or is it 0.0 lol jk I thought it might have been. I found a glitch though, maybe it's just random but using "Cross Thunder" the Pokemon locked up in mid flight...lol
  14. Okay, thanks for the help. Now it's about time for me to start ironing stuff out.....lots and lots of text to rewrite -.- lol
  15. Okay, awesome. Take it the one is still processing...how big is each video 0.0 Remind me to change the introduction. This is Bel. She is always fighting with her dad./ to She's always fighting with her dad. Watched your video one. for a typo cleaner you like your "Shure" a lot it's sure. However, The line breaks with the professor or do to some unknown reason, I'm sure I can fix it when I go to that part again and clean it up. I haven't gotten to that yet, I am about to do it shortly. I'm going by your videos to clean up ALL TYPOS and BUGS before continuing the game. That way it's a CLEAN ENGLISH game =D no ENGRISH
  16. I think some of those might have already been fixed if not all for v3. not sure. I've been to busy to notice.
  17. Yea, it's those dang keys. and it was suppose to be "A couple of buttons on my computer needs replaced. BTW excellent job on finding typos and making the videos. I don't got the patience to go through the game over and over again, as oh now we can start from Sanyou City over and over and over again, nah I'll try and get it on the first shot or two.
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