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  1. What are the tools the community are working with currently? I'm trying to get up to date on whats the same, and whats different between black 2/white2 and the originals. I"m currently using PPTXT and Nitroexplorer to edit the a>0>0>3 NARC. Any thing I should be aware of before I get too crazy into the story translation?
  2. UPDATE: SCRATCH THAT. I got it. From what I can tell. the A>0>0>3 is still the text for the story.
  3. Does PPTXT work for black 2 and white 2? I'm running Ubuntu Linux (Windows free ) and I can't seem to get it to work properly using WINE (It's a windows compatibilty layer for Linux) I extracted the NARC from Pokemon White (J) Vanilla which =758,931,556 bytes. I'd like to confirm if this is even compatibile or not before I merge over to Windows 7 to do so. I've noticed that a translation project has been started, http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?24143-Pok%E9mon-Black-2-and-White-2-Translation-Project, already having everything, but the story translated. If they grant me permission I'll go ahead and clean that up...if such tools permit.
  4. I hope so, I used that to edit the .narc in Pokemon Black and White. I have a feeling that Nintendo might have changed some methods this time around though. Lets be hopeful though!
  5. Very well, I still think it sounds silly saying black 2 and white 2. I guess it's just me and my friends. Either way you get the idea
  6. Yeah, I can actually kind of agree with you when you point it out. However, were I'm from EVERYONE says Pokemon White and Black 2. I guess somehow the (2) at the indicates for both previous mentioned items. Cheers!
  7. randomspot555 edit:Any talk of pirating games, linking to pirated games, bragging about downloading/playing pirated games, or asking how to steal games will result in a temporary, 2 week ban and a 100 point infraction. now back to your regular thread: POKEMON BLACK 2 AND WHITE 2 WILL BE (ROUGHLY TRANSLATED) into ENGLISH once it's out and when the tools are available. If they are available day one I will start right away. Please understand that all menus and such will be almost exactly as a normal USA release, but what trainers say may, or may not be 100%. We were really close on the original Pokemon Black and White version if you were following, so you know what to expect. As you may know Black and White 2 are to be released on June 23rd in Japan and in Autumn in the USA. In other words this will be a very quick project and will require a lot of work in such a little amount of time. You know I LOVE these kinds of challenges and am up for it! Please feel free to submit your tools that might be useful for this project. I'm really hoping it's similar to the original versions of black/white. Stay Tuned, and I will be seeing you on June 23rd.
  8. Just replying to inform people that Pokemon Black and White 2 will be translated like this project, if and when the tools are available after it's release in Japan.
  9. Real life got in the way, I've just checked into the project again, it seems most of the project is finished already. At least there has been much motivation towards this project, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it may be the most complete translation of a game EVER. Hope to have more projects like this again sometime, however it's hard having to work 12 hour days... busy busy busy it seems.
  10. We have all the major story written down in English, we're putting it in the game. Soneek, Oh, Thats great, I'll need to get stuff updated then huh. PM me where we stand that way I know. I haven't the foggiest =p
  11. Yup sure am. Trying to work on a GIT and trying to figure out whats been done while I've been gone.
  12. Pika, Pika, Pikaboo! I'm back. Got the computer back and starting with a fresh start with windows 7. =)
  13. Thanks, there are also others working on the story line project as well. Lately, I've been on and off the computer doing bits and pieces to the stuff listed on the first post. And Soneek, the first time I looked at the script I noticed that 100% of the story lines where there, but none of the hints and random stuff is. The hardest part, at least for me was to translate the story major events accurate enough to say "It's good." I found myself for hours redoing it just to make it sound better, but either making it worse or in some cases better lol. Right now I'm forced to use my moms computer because I do believe in the past I started my computer was acting up, it turns out why my stuff was becoming currupt was due to RAM failure. Made me sniffle a little bit because it was practically brand new 8 gigs of ram.... So for as of now, until I get my approach back into the seen lets root for Soneek and the others =) although, I'm the little hidden ghost watching and waiting to strike a bit chunk of the game once more!
  14. Yes, and we receieved a wonderful source with the entire story line already being translated. We have to only locate it in game and put it in along with game scripting. It makes it practically 100% official that the story will be 100% and us translators can ease off a little and still get great progress. It's easy to get burnt out on translating a game, when you just want to play it. =p
  15. Yes, I know. On my part I came home and uh...God of war 3 and Final Fantasy was sitting on my bed. Maybe other people too? I dun know about you guys guy I'm a major god of war fan and it's a must have! Don't worry I'm still working on the project too, but also trying to beat god of war 3 on chaotic.....hard..very hard.
  16. No, it don't mean it will be done in a couple days. It is still a lot of work to put it in game. Although it would be nice to be done that quick. =)
  17. Full translation of events. Helpful very helpful indeed, almost like a gift from above. Thanks Pokepower22. Now lets put this into the game! =)
  18. Nope probably a big giant google translation if anything lol so it probably would like like this The kaurosio nikalie Pokemon friends into poop.
  19. You know when you see line breaks or a line with only one word like this Pokemon are known to be great friends/fffee?? stuff like that or... I'm on the bottom line what the heck?
  20. Yes, and I apologize with my stagger work compared to when I first started. I have had many real life issues that I don't discuss on the internet. With the court hearing possibly being canceled because I have my stuff, I will have less stuff on my mind.
  21. Serebii is my buddy for that I have it all logged already =) I'm in a good mood I'm actually getting my stolen goods back, its amazing what happens when you take stuff to court...the "lost' stuff is suddenly found..like instantly
  22. You mean go through every mean possible with mew 0.0 thats a lot of moves! Btw there is a "NONE" attack lol. If you go to your bag and activate the all HM code and select as if there we're a move it will come up asking if you'd like to teach the "none" move =)
  23. You use PPTxt.exe on the narc 3 file. or narc 2 file. Narc 2= mail narc 3=story. then locate it. if it's already in English it's easy to spot.
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