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  1. oh, yeah, I'll bring my ds and be like hey guys are you exicted for this? show pokemon black...english. They be like "yeah probably a little bit english" Go through what I've done entirely...they be like "....how the hell" N was the one who started the whole bring pokemon apart from humans act (You don't see this in the beginning, I like it that way) Geechiu has his first speech about the legendary pokemon and ask the people to free there pokemon, then leaves. N is practically confused of what to do, he doesn't know who was right, HIM (or as for all you know to that point, Geechiu,)he asks you to battle to see for yourself and leaves in confusion the whole "I see.." and nothing more act. Later on you'll find out N was the start of it. and at the end of the game Geechiu points out that N lost focus on the whole point of there actions and removes his title of king. (Rather weird plot for pokemon, but okay it's legit I've verified everywhere).
  2. Good morning, I'm following up on reviews of the story of black and white. That way I don't have to figure out all the japanese, bits and pieces to figure out what it is and do the rest from common knowledge =p
  3. yeah, I was just about to say that, they are completely different. One is about a musuem...is that a text in the Museum with a gym? Edit. I got my self time, my gf is on the phone hahahha yes! lol
  4. Good to know....anyone know if they have wireless to go! that isn't outrageous in price??!?!
  5. I'll keep that in my to do list, I'm about to leave. I'll use my japanese table to figure it out. At glance it looks like something about baseball. lol for anyone who needs help decoding this stuff I can make up a Kanji ruleset table. There are 3 forms of Japanese. Hiragana, Kanji, and Japanese with roman letters is Romaji I have the entire Kanji rules from "My japanese coach DS" Figuring out the Kanji also solves Hiragana, simply because it means the same thing in english....eh it's confusing..I'll just do it to show ya folks. Uh, one last edit Kanji decoded...Ok I bought some time..you can even use google translate in this form う=u which is u く=ku which is please き=Gi which is come と=to which is and しょうぶとちしきを たんきゅうできる はくぶつかんです u to gi gi ku If you decode it and it makes no sense, note that japanese have a different structure for there sentences, they are practically backwards! you do all that you get it in Romaji. From there...simply either look on the internet for bits of romaji...for example Watashi is I and ii=good iie=no...ugh later....gotta go grr Good enough example...ugh. I really gotta go I hate leaving stuff unfinished! scratch that, we're working with Kanji...my bad thats after Kana, I went to far forward...
  6. Alrighty. The most known issues are with events that ask Yes/No. They have strings connected to each of them that jumps to another subject then turns around and jumps back. So if you find something that just doesn't make since or repeated. Odds are it needs fixed. Okay, I'm going now, later guys. I will hopefully be on later today. Team plasma at Karasuka Town, Who feels as though it is accurate (note this is b4 N joins up with Team Plasma, from what I've gotten) Here is a source of there plot. I'm just checking up on the progress to make sure I'm not going out of wak, but it looks as though it's RIGHT ON The MONEY w00t. *Pats myself on the back* I also managed to get out of shopping. My Girlfriend was called in to work =D
  7. Yeah, I'll be 18 november 3rd. So anything is legal for me after that, but beer. Which I don't care for anyway. My ultimate goal now is to get this project done before my birthday, because my cousin's birthday is just before November so I'd be able to be like this in this situation. (Hey, it's my birthday what did you get me?/ You like Pokemon Right..especially that japanese pokemon black/white?/Yeah why?/Would you like to play it in english?/Yeah, but it dont come out till april/Uh, here's something I've been working on forever!/ holy #%#, it's 100% english..how the heck./lol Ah yes. =p Edit: Well, I'm going to rest for a while...LONNNGG day tomorrow. Good luck everyone on finding any bugs/errors. I'll try and push out the next debug patch tomorrow..if i can fit it in. I have added notes on my first post that I will be gone tomorrow and things that could be found that will make my life easier when I get back. If anyone asks, please inform them because I got a feeling someone will overlook it.
  8. I am 17. I randomly put info on the registration because I was to lazy to fill it out. Not to mention, I'm kind of a "Secure like person" who don't like putting to much information on the web when it comes to registering to a new forum. Some sell your information, and even worse BAD BAD people lol.
  9. Yeah, I got about every game in history already though lol. Not to mention every game console...=p I'll just stop at the local Subway and eat SLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY
  10. Lol if your interested look at this http://www.hookit.com/search/contentviewer.aspx?resourceId=98ada31d-d891-42db-9055-fa5c1d92f245 (it's a vid of me skaten, it's a bunch of random vids of me skaten over series of time) As you probably noticed I value my time in the real world. It takes a lot of time of day to practice skaten...program apps, and translate pokemon. I have no idea how I manage it all....lol
  11. Yepper, thats the idea. Unfortunately tomorrow I have to go with my girlfriend out of town. She is MAKING me get off the computer...and uh...girls...+...shopping=...me going like ZzzZz 4 HOURS@ I'll probably look the skateboards, I need a new one. =p
  12. I don't think it's been done yet. I'd have to look through HEX Offsets to identify the Pichu code, and various commands throughout the game. A likely way to figure out the Pichu offset is to use Pokesav. 1.Have a save file with no pichu at all. 2.Edit another save thats identical, but with pichu. 3.Compare the differences. 4.Throw another pichu in there..compare again. 5.Finalize your comparisons 6.Walla! Pichu offset is such n' such. A likely way to figure out Give Pokemon commands Is to locate a person in game who gives a pokemon and do similar tests. Once you have Pichu offset and Give pokemon offset you can now think of how to link it to an UNLOCK like event. So, have a file who is in the final champion at the elite 4 the 2nd time. Beat it and scan offsets before and after beating it and attach it to the other information. So, okay you beat the elite four the 2nd time..now a random trainer has been turned on (the Bit on) so now you'll recieved the give pokemon command being pichu offset so you got pichu! yay! Btw thats just a theory. I'd have to research a bit on the black/white engines. If anyone could verify this and has done this sort of thing before PM me.
  13. I put it all in the thread. If people want it I'll most likely see what I can do to put the Naughty Spiky Eared Pichu in the game.
  14. Oh yeah sarcasim, the whole ...no....must be an error from someone elses work clarifies that. In other words it's a bug caused by somebody elses work. I see how you can get that confused maybe I'll actually do something like that though...a gift event or something.
  15. Nintendo probably filters the names out, if thats the case it's not possible. If I remember right 5 characters is the limit with character names. So if it has more than that it may block you too. I'd check to see if thats what is scanned and not the pokemon. Pokemon have smaller limit as well in Japan, so they could filter both. /////////////////////////////Gone Tomorrow\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hey guys, I will be gone tomorrow If anyone can translate the save dialog when you attempt to save when already save file exists, I'd be appreicated. Also when you wipe out/defeated the Nurse speaks in japanese, or at least the first time you faint that I know of.
  16. I don't remember saying that, maybe something was misunderstood. I'll refer back in previous post to verify. to many pages go through. If I did indeed say that I must have typed it wrong. I remember you stating you got some pichu message a long ways back, but I really don't recall stating "Its in the patch, you can get Pichu thru an event"
  17. I did? you mean an actual event to get Pichu? I don't believe I've made that....although I could... Current work: Working on the Pokemon wiped out issue at the PC. and fixing when you save data over previous data.
  18. Thanks! I just fixed the bugged Cheren 2nd battle. It was confusing as all hell...to many options that countered everything I did, but I got it! w00t I found what was causing the line break errors. For ex: the professors lab event. I have now fixed them all so now it is good..berry berry good!
  19. It surves the same thing. i'd like the vid it saves me from starting a new game going thru the stuff that haunts me at night just to get the town map. =p
  20. Nut uh......I can't believe I forgot about that!...That goes to tell ya how much I got on my mind. I'm like a computer with 1001020312 programs running..lol
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