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  1. Shikijika and Stantler would they in the same family? And Miruhoggu looks like Chip and Dale ! I really hope this game will meet our expectations.
  2. Is this a topic of graphic design? Looks like yes. So I have a signature show you! A signature of Suicune, made in 45 minutes with Photoshop CS3. I love this creation, because the colors are beautiful and I did not put a lot of time doing it. Ziz ~ Death Note ! I Love that signature ! L is the best ;D ! 8/10 ! (Note that I'm French, so sorry for my english ^-^)
  3. I took a TOTODILE for this version. I love Feraligatr =D ! (Note That I am French, so sorry for my English :3 ! )
  4. Oh, my first would be an Oddish met by chance at the Safari Park! Now it has become a pretty Bellossom
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