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  1. Reread my message. This is not a Spanish forum; post your messages in English. Re-read the first post; this thread is NOT to ask why your hacks are being flagged as hacks.
  2. Please re-read the first post. This is an English-speaking forum, and this thread is for only reporting false positives with Pokémon you've obtained legitimately, not those you've created. Since you are new, it is more likely that you are not generating things correctly, and that PKHeX is not wrong with its assessment. Use the encounter database to get a starting point for an encounter.
  3. You can use trade bots to dump and trade you back modified files, but it's inadvisable to modify immutable values. Best is to hope that future games allow clearing/setting of all nicknames.
  4. You need custom firmware to dump and import save files. Once you have your save, then you can try using PKHeX.
  5. bcat is just a download of all available gifts that can possibly be redeemed at a given moment in time; some may be obtainable only if you have a valid serial code, or others may be inaccessible until a later reveal. Gifts that expire/ are no longer distributed... are no longer distributed in bcat, and are thus removed from your local storage. Hence why there's the need to archive here to preserve previous content gifts. Since all gifts as of late require a serial code, you have to enter it in and the online server will say "go ahead, load the contents from folder X and give that gift". The server knows the current bcat folder structure, and there's no way to desynchronize it because you have to be synchronized to enter in a serial code.
  6. Kaphotics

    Misc Bug

    As was previously mentioned, you need to beat the DLC sufficiently for them to be available for unlock. If you "unlock" them prior to being possible, then they'll still appear disabled because you don't have enough overall progress with the main game.
  7. Deoxys is not in Sword/Shield. Load a save file / change settings for another set of games (like BD/SP) where it is available in-game.
  8. Kaphotics

    Stats judge?

    Block editor. Search for Judge. SV: KUnlockedIVJudge SWSH: KUnlockedJudge
  9. That's just the initial fake Pokémon data loaded to the PKM editor. It's not YOUR Pikachu. Try editing it, you'll see it's just a placeholder template until you actually load a pokemon from party/box.
  10. Checking my notes, I think your file is a raw cartridge backup similar to what a Powersaves device would do -- a rip of the encrypted save data. You'd need to find the original cartridge, as save files are encrypted specific to the cartridge.
  11. Contents of the attached 1MB file is either encrypted in some unknown format, or is junk. Either way, it's not close to the expected contents of a save file. I doubt you'll recover anything from it unless you ask for help from someone familiar with gm9 and how it may have given you that file originally and if it's something you can reimport.
  12. Without seeing the pk6, can't tell. Likely a problem with the hidden ability/ball, since that's not possible for those forms depending on the encounter.
  13. > An error occurred in a PKHeX plugin. Please report this error to the plugin author/maintainer. Not a PKHeX issue. You're trying to run logic from an outdated plugin on a release of PKHeX that the plugin does not support. Go talk to the plugin author/maintainer, not PKHeX.
  14. I don't know, which is why I was vague in my reply. It's not something you can just quickly change with zero knowledge. https://github.com/gluck/il-repack Merging the assemblies after build might be fine to do, but again, I do not think you need to do this. Plugin files really should be kept as separate files.
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