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  1. 1 hour ago, JISN064 said:

    I don't use homebrew at all ... never tried; unless cia* homebrew counts ( PKSM ) (?

    those count.

    so its reportedly safer running the .3dsx versions (not .cia) via Roselina.

    <edit: above message are in reference to illegal title data that gets sent to Ninty servers,
    and how using stuff like PKSM (illegal titles/homebrew) while connected to network may get your 3DS banned from ANY online play>

  2. On 7 June 2017 at 11:25 AM, JISN064 said:

    I don't understand anything but I'm happy for this.


    I just need to fix my R button T-T

    Rosalina attempts to natively add in functions that can only be activated after using the NTR cfw, with stuff such as screenshots, debugger mode (via pc access), and process ID list.

    Also, it allows you to use any app to launch homebrew launcher, meaning to Nintendo servers, it appears that you're playing a legitimate app (not hbl). 

    Additionally,.3dsx can now be closed via home menu, like any other game.

    This is good for making it appear as tho you aren't using any illegal titles/homebrew, when connected to network.

    However, it does break compatibility various existing homebrew. The ram dumping without pc) feature that NTR has doesn't appear to be adopted right now 

  3. 3 hours ago, ProjectShadow93 said:

    So, how do I use the PKHeX correctly without getting banned?


    Lol, avoid the things mentioned in the first post.

    Be aware of how things are generated in game, so any changes you make, try to match em.

  4. 26 minutes ago, Rei Keima said:

    Can we add "items not in their proper pockets" to that list? >.>  (Although I don't think this is even possible without enabling illegal mode.)


    I recently found out I randomly had a Thunder Stone in my banned Sun game's medicine pocket, and now I am quite positive this is what triggered my ban.


  5. 7 minutes ago, ProjectShadow93 said:

    I use PKHeX for good legal reasons, I'm learning how to create legitimate items and Pokemon by watching YouTube just in case. Besides, I don't want to create legitimate saves.

    However, if you weren't using it correctly, it may be seen that you're doing edits.

    Hence the purpose of the first post of this thread.

  6. 48 minutes ago, ProjectShadow93 said:

    Is PKHeX counts as a result of the ban?

    that statement practically encompasses all of save hacking.

    Also, PKHeX itself isn't the problem. The problem is how you use PKHeX.

  7. Just a little update to interested parties.

    My pgl account that had the ban save (as mentioned above) couldn't register for the latest may competition.

    I'm not sure if it's permanent, or if my 3ds data is logged as no longer able to participate, or if my 3ds network banned (i have yet to check)

  8. 17 minutes ago, BlueBraviary said:

    I think I'm going to back up my save on Sun, house my shinies in Bernardo's bank for a bit, and restart the game. I'll just use Moon for any major hacks and not go online there. Maybe I can experiment with Sun and try giving myself like 100 rare candies/max revives/etc and report if I get banned.

    If I do get banned, restarting the game will fix it right? Or Ill back up pre edit and restore...

    PGL did give a warning that seems to hint more severe punishment,
    so we don't know if it can go as far as device ban.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Holla! said:

    Weren't people able to bypass it by using a new game's sync id on their banned one? I know people on GBATemp and reddit said that worked for them. But then you'd lose all your PGL data such as Golbal Missions etc.

    Haven't been playing the games as much now so I really dunno.

    I dunno if there's a "Game Sync" Flag of some sort in the game, hence why I reverted to a state prior to being able to game sync.

    There was the step to "unlink from PGL", so I basically bypassed that step,
    when I change game sync ID portion to all 0 and went to obtain ID, on a pre-game sync save.

    I already dragged all Pokemon over, so I kind of have no lost data progress too..

  10. 6 hours ago, Holla! said:

    So did the people who registered for the competitions that used PKHeX get banned only or those who also only just registered their game sync id on the PGL that use PKHeX? I know I haven't done any of the competitions aside for Global Missions and am still intact on my main save.

    I'm also testing a new registered game save that I put all legal items and dex 'mons on to see if it holds on (Not registering it for the competition).

    As long as you have Game Sync, and you go online (and game sync captures your data),
    they have immediate detection, so it seems.

    When I used the wrong region, it was already after the period of the online competition.

    (was doing free battles to test my team)

    8 hours ago, coltonsmogon said:

    Let's hope you can get this solved sooner or later, @theSLAYER...

    This can't be solved.
    The moment your save is banned, it'll be deleted by PGL.
    Luckily, I got a pre-gamesync save.

    I zero'd out the GameSync segment, and connecting online gives me another Game Sync ID.

    Question is whether they realize I'm using the same OT/TID/SID combo the next time I log in..

  11. 20 minutes ago, Draexzhan said:

    For the mega stones, a couple of each Charizardite, and two Blastoisinites, iirc. 

    For the balls, Beasts and Apricorns.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I did also give myself some of the wings, vitamins, and PP boosters. Though I'm fairly certain that's it. Here's the save from the last PKHeX edit I did before I was banned.


    It's likely the bulk of 999 items, especially apricorn balls, when you don't have that many trades done.

    Also, you have a peculiar Suicune, that memories with OT indicate it was hatched.
    Lopunny from AS in Apricorn ball. Basically a few hacks. (while there's no indication of such hacks leading to bans..)

  12. 15 minutes ago, Draexzhan said:

    I got banned. The only hacking I've done was giving myself certain balls, bottle caps, rare candies, and a handful of mega stones. I don't have anything impossible to obtain legitimately. A friend of mine who is much more reckless with his hacking has not been banned, I suspect the reason why I got banned and he didn't is because I've gone onto Battle Spot. Honestly, this wouldn't really bother me, except that since I can't Game Sync anymore, I can't unlock my battle box that I used in the most recent competition.

    if you don't mind, you can upload your save, and we'll take a look through to see what could have triggered it.

  13. On 03/04/2017 at 9:53 AM, Holla! said:

    If anyone wants to hack in an unreleased Pokemon in their game such as Marshadow or Shiny Zygarde to use offline or anything that abides by the sites policy then to avoid it being registered into your PokeDex by PKHeX just goto

    Options->Set to SAV->Untick "Modify Pokedex"

    While this works to not have it to Pokedex,
    bringing those Pokemon to battle might still end up registering them in the Pokedex.

    (It's a little oddity I noticed in XY. Bringing a Pokemon not in Pokedex to battle will end up having it registered into dex in that battle)

  14. 36 minutes ago, evandixon said:

    In that case, they might just be programmatically analyzing the save file from different points in time to determine if anything has changed that cannot be changed in the game.

    Other reports included how all items were obtained; maybe it's not possible to get max of every item.  Maybe the item-based bans were actually a result of a small subset of items obtained.  I mean, it's theoretically possible to get max Pokéballs, but probably not max Master Balls (or can Master Balls be farmed in S/M?).

    Or perhaps the item amount gained at too huge a jump.

    With all the lottery draws one could possibly win in a day, it's highly unlikely that one can go from 1 -> 95 Master Balls in a Day, without trading right.

    1 hour ago, BlackPyoVic said:

    I don't know if this would help but one of my friends changed the language of the game, exported and played, then returned to the original language and he got banned. So that's considered a big modification.

    I can say with almost utmost certainty that any change that is related to the "Character's Identity" is definitely a cause of banning.

    OT Name, Trainer ID, Secret ID and game play Language are things that will be registered on your PGL account (and displayed),
    and these are values that shouldn't change in game-play.

    By extension, it's certainly possible that they track other values that are not meant to decrease,
    including but not limited to:
    1. Steps Taken
    2. Times Saved
    3. Gameplay hours
    4. Premier Balls received (this is an actual stat, apparently)
    5. Shiny Pokemon Encountered (this is a thing!?)

    There are many other stats in trainer info that only should increase, and can never decrease.
    It's possible all of these are being tracked.
    (furthermore, not all stats seems to be understood)

    Checking a private save of mine to see the living dex transferred from bank into the save,
    there seems to be no statistic in the save itself that tracks how many Pokemon has been transferred using Pokebank.
    (though possible offset is not known)

  15. 4 hours ago, Dillon J said:

    Yeah I'm curious myself, but it could just me, minors not understanding, "Legal" pokemon in pkhex and using online with lets say incorrect ability, pokemon that stay in mega form, IV's & EV's totaled above the legal limit, people using mega evolutions that aren't even released yet or even the possibility of having mega stones in inventory that aren't meant to be there, with shiny pokemon it is hard to say as they couldn't tally how many shiny pokemon you have (Hatched, SOS chained or Wild Encounter shiny pokemon. I would say if you are worried about shiny pokemon made in pkhex just make them with a different OT & SID. as then it could of just been from Poke' Bank, GTS, Link Trade and lastly Wonder trade as that is what I have done.

    They potentially could track the amount of Pokemon you hatched and caught.

    If you hack in a Pokemon, but no trades were made, no eggs were hatched and no more Pokemon was caught,
    and no transfer count from Bank (if tracked), this might raise a discrepancy.

    4 hours ago, Dillon J said:

    I think they targeting people that do that do things that make it "unfair" to others in competitive play.
    After all my theory comes from the fact why not ban everyone that play online in general connecting online?

    Don't think that's it.
    Seems like if you have unreleased stuff, you can get banned, as it's the biggest red flag that shows you are editing your save.

    Perhaps the team handling this doesn't have the rights/permissions to ban consoles,
    so they can only ban via an ID they can track, and Game Sync ID would be the easiest to track.

    And game sync connection only runs during certain functions <-- I'm not too sure about this.

    4 hours ago, Dillon J said:

    a little offtopic but I also don't understand why people frown upon pkhex as It is a time saver for those who dont simply have the time to hatch thousands and thousands of eggs and then hope for correct natures.

    Because truth to be told, you have to understand that that is cheating.
    That is why people frown upon it. It's a large time saver via usage external programs.
    That is an unfair advantage, no matter how you frame it.
    <partly justified, partly salt, likely>

    (heck, some extreme purists will go as far as to say using in-game glitches, or unintended programming, or RNG is considered cheating too)

    It may be contradictory (or ironic, depending on your view) that I'm a mod on a forum that creates such tools,
    but once again, it depends on how the tool is used.

    GameFreak wants it banned because it's cheating to them and they take it seriously, that is the fact of the matter. :/
    (Plus, wanna point out that our rules are against cheating against unsuspecting players.)

    7 hours ago, Cronos_Ferion said:

    I guess the important thing is to make things look legit so the game sync cant detect changes also it seems that they ban ppl on tuesday after maintenance.

    Yeah, that does seem to be the case.

    They only thing I've ever done after game syncing (I wasn't using game sync before the first ban in Jan'17) was to add in Mewnium Wonder card.
    (I reverted to the wrong save when doing my first sync)

    Every other legal edit I did, was before the first game sync.


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