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  1. 1 minute ago, Deoxyz said:

    That's why we thought bans like this would never happen based on having illegal pokemon, but it looks like they may have started doing it anyway.

    By the way, do we know if these are these "permanent" bans?

    Not sure.
    Given how prerelease Sun Moon players are still banned, I'll say highly likely.

    Granted, the severity isn't comparable, but if they dislikey, they ban-nie.
    However, it seems like something easy to bypass.
    (recreate save, get new sync ID, transfer sync ID, or something. its on gbatemp: http://gbatemp.net/threads/pokémon-global-link-note-says-almost-6-000-people-have-been-banned-online-for-having-altered-save-da.458837/page-11#post-7046850)

  2. 12 minutes ago, Duxa said:

    I think the minute you drag your save over to pkHex you give up your right for "innocence" ;) 

    Well the innocents I'm referring to people can easily be those who received an illegal Pokemon during local trading with their friends or something.
    (and didn't know)
    Given how their [GF] hack checking can sometimes screw up,
    whose to say they there's a possible condition they thought was impossible, and hit legit players?

  3. "genning Pokemon Legit"
    Genning itself goes against the definition of Legit.

    We aren't sure of how they got caught, but assumptions is they likely screwed up somewhere.

    Maybe impossible shiny or impossible dex entry.
    Or giving yourself all clothes or all dex.
    Illegal Pokemon (but they didn't know it was illegal?).
    Having >995 of a single item.
    Or having unreleased items or Pokemanz.
    Maybe the Game Sync tracks differences.
    There's a new Pokemon in box, but no trade, no hatch, no bank, no capture, where did this pokemon come from type of scenario.
    Maybe Change OT Name or TID/SID or gender or skin color after Game Sync?

    Not really sure at this point.

    :/ This certainly is a bummer.
    I mean, I'm glad the company is at least moderating what they should be doing,
    but I think what's bad is innocents may get caught in the crossfire.

  4. Perhaps there was impossible formes or impossible Nat dex entries,
    or ridiculous values on saves (that seem like generated by powersaves, search as Item count).

    Just now, ComixsYT said:

    Does online play include stuff like trading?

    To my understanding the online ban only affects services that use your game sync ID,
    such as rated battles and stuff.

    I think GTS and Wonder trading (and normal trades?) aren't affected.

    I don't use Game Sync and those services, but I can't say for sure.

    I tend to not edit my cart's save directly, due to the possibility of this type of thing.

    (I actually bothered to trade 40 Beast balls on 40 Pokemon onto my main cart, lol)

  5. 18 minutes ago, JISN064 said:

    thanks for the reply

    but I searched and found a different way to make it work ... using the IPS...

    just tried it and worked, was about to edit my post but you did reply before xD

    well, great that you got it resolved

  6. 2 hours ago, Michael728 said:

    Hi Question, Does the latest Pkhex still have the illegal mode? if yes how do we activate it again?

    rename it PKHaX.exe?

    48 minutes ago, JISN064 said:


    I followed this guide ... but I'm stuck in Step2


    I get an error ... says that the ctrtool.exe file version is not compatible with the OS. (using Win7 32bits). halp u.u

    I need a way to obtain the code.bin

    I literally copied ctrtool.exe file version is not compatible with the OS and this is the first hit I got from Google:

    which lead me to here (try the release below that says x86):

  7. 4 hours ago, suloku said:

    Luma's region emulation only changes language setting, the 3DS is reported as the actual region and subregion. That's why I have a regionchanged japanese emunand.

    Luma allows to receive other region events, but if you get the pokémon, it'll have wrong region data (but correct language).

    Wait, you're saying luma never did region emulation? (I mean, you could change the region in the settings)

    In that case, one may use NTR region emulation.

    4 hours ago, Ammako said:

    I was able to receive European Wi-Fi events on OR with the language emulation, however scanning region-specific QR codes in S/M didn't work, acted as if nothing had changed. Does S/M actually look at the country and not the language, when it comes to scanning QR codes? That would explain it.

    you may need to emulate the 3DS region too.
    (or maybe it checks against the save?)

  8. 9 minutes ago, Ammako said:

    I'm curious now, how do the injection QRs work exactly?

    as in how the code mechanics works?

    All I know is scanning from PKHeX with the patcher writes the code into box (whichever slot chosen)

  9. 15 minutes ago, Hide said:

    It seems there is a lot of speculation around this. Most obviously it is players gaming on-line with the same software all around the world. Thousands of copies of cloned data from a single source going back and forth from local systems to N's servers shall definitively raise a flag.

    How is it going by now?

    Don't think its that, tho.
    If I'm not mistaken, many of freeshop games are tickets that were bundled with a console on launch,
    and I think those games tickets were the same across those consoles.

    Right now, it appears that Nintendo captures what you're playing now and what you last played if your 3DS was connected to the network,
    so if you had a homebrew title being captured as either of those, they log your console details down, then ban as a wave.

    There hasn't been newer ban reports after users take measures to avoid that type of scenario,
    but it could also be because wave is over and will come later..

  10. 10 minutes ago, JISN064 said:

    I i'm still banned, but I tried blocking all the domains and still got the 003-2001; I unlocked and got the ban error


    I don't understand xD Maybe I did something wrong with my router setting ... gonna look for it tomorrow

    gtg to work T-T

    Wait, this won't "unban" you.

    It's just that if you weren't banned (002-0102), this may help reduce the 3DS' communication with servers.

    Odd, my router blocks everything except for npdl.cdn.nintendowifi.net and conntest.nintendowifi.net ,
    and I was able to do a few battles and wonder trades just now.

    003-2001 isn't a ban message, it's just that the 3ds isn't able to communicate with the necessary servers,
    to validate and allow the online gameplay. (not the same as a ban)

  11. 7 hours ago, InsaneNutter said:


    Thanks for the list!

    Btw, blocking the above one may prevent mystery gift connections.
    (not sure about the rest)

    blocking conntest.nintendowifi.net prevents game sync and pgl usage.
    (couldn't use battle spot until I removed that entry)

  12. I don't know how many times I have to say this,
    but there is no point in attempting the unbanning procedures at this point,
    simply because after you unban yourself,
    They could ban you again

    The methods listed doesn't create "an unlimited amount of Seed (localfriendcode)",
    which means eventually you'll be run out of seeds to unban yourself.
    (which frankly if you're lucky, you only get 1 extra seed from the same 3DS, before having to buy other 3DSs to grab their seeds to unban yourself)

    What's important is for devs to identify how the 3DSs got identified/detected for the ban.
    and until that can be prevented/circumvented, Nintendo can just up and ban you again and again.


    So guys, time patiently to wait.

    If I'm not mistaken, AuroraWright's standing theory is the titlelist is being sent to the server.
    No more fancy FBI and JKSM from your home page; time to run HBL through Health & Safety.
    (as well as disabling Spotpass information sending and Friends information sharing)

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