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  1. 55 minutes ago, jasenyoface said:

    I failed miserably with Articuno.  Now I’m scrambling around trying to find revives before it goes away! 


    This ^^^ is the second hardest now :P


    I used 100 Pokecoins, got a Premium Raid pass, to attack the Lugia, but couldn't catch it T.T

    Its like our luck are reversed.

  2. 7 minutes ago, jasenyoface said:


    Hardest Raid ever!


    I WANT ONE TOO,  but I gotta wait till tomorrow :/

    I tried catching Articuno for my sister, but her level is low, so she didn't get much Premier balls (it was a struggle to just stay in battle).
    Also she didn't do raids, so pretty much used up the Golden Razz berries T.T

    Favorite it, so we won't release it by accident!

    for bragging rights, here's mine:

  3. They actually handled bots and spoofers pretty well.

    Apparently, the pokestops & gyms in the area, for the event, requires users to scan a unique QR code, before it can be accessed.
    (I think the QR code is tied to your ticket or something)

    Spoofing would only be a problem if you get your ticket, go to the nearest Starbucks, sit there and use their Wifi
    (which would have been a smart way to avoid the data congestion problem)

  4. Post game (spoilers ensue):

    1. Battle Tree

    2. Hunting for Eeveelution trainers to get Eeveenium Z crystal (Talk to Kagetora first; left Cashier in Mega ThriftStore)

    3. Clearing Looker's UB Quests (and get introduced to Anabel who came from RSE)

    4. Catching Necrozma the roamer in Ten Carat Hill

    5. Breed Alolan Regional Variants to get the original variants

    6. Travel to a parallel universe (where oddly everyone recognizes you) which is 12 hours ahead/behind, and

    7. Get your First Cosmog

    8. Get remaining Tapus

    9. Get Shiny Charm by completing Alolan Dex

    10. Go to Trail captain's Houses and say hello (I think they may rebattle; this can be done during storyline)

    11. Get all 100/100 Zygarde cells (not sure if anything special happens; Zygarde cells can be broken from trades, but doesn't add to the /100 number)

    12. Get Type:Null form Gladion as Aether Paradise Observation Deck

    13. Upgrade Pokemonfinder to v.5

    14. Catch rare Pokemon using QR code islandwide scan

    It's pretty much next to nothing, but it's something.

    Also, the 7 or 8 empty plot of lands are still undeveloped in post game.

    I'm getting a BW -> B2W2 vibe here...

    I'm suspecting at most one of games (one more set, if they squeeze in remake as a buffer) coming afterwards, since there's only one hidden Mythical Creature.

    (they tend to float one over to the second game, like how Diancie fit inbetween XY and ORAS)

    The lack of number is Gen VII Mythical creatures suggest that perhaps the next games may be on NX/Switch

  5. Wow what you mean about that? i mean that's not good. Really, not good. Because, if i wanted one normal Meowth to evolve normal into a Persian i never can get that beacuse his only goes to Alolan form.. Not Good. In this time, i'm happy to have a Pkhex hahah(Free merchan)

    I did two tests:

    Normal Meowth from ORAS: evolved to normal Persian

    Pikachu from ORAS: evolved to Alolan Raichu

    So, I theorize that the only Pokemon that becomes "Alolan", are evolutions that evolve from Non-Alolan Pokemon.

    Also, other interesting Tidbits:

    1. You can dissemble any Zygarde, as long as it's ability is Aura Break. (Including those from bank, trade, etc)

    2. You can get Power Construct using dissembled cells from the point above, mean you can get this ability even before completing main game. (or, just get someone to trade you one with Power Construct)

    3. To have a Zygarde that is in different Poke Ball, simply use a Zygarde from XY as base. It also retains its IVs and trainer details.

    4. If you transfer your save from sun to moon (or vice versa) right before Solgaleo/Lunala Battle, you still won't be able to encounter it (and your story won't progress forever).

    The only time it's safe to transfer the save in either direction, is RIGHT before receiving the first flute. (at Aether Foundation, basically)

    [it may be safe after catching it, but I don't know if it'll affect Ultra beast story flags and stuff]

    5. So far, I'm aware of 5 Cores, each acting as a move tutor (Core Enforce, Extremespeed, Dragon Dance, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves)

    Oh so they've done away with Pokemon Link? And what about the item distributions they also wondercards?

    Something else I found (which I'm sure everyone expected it anyways since GF announced it before)

    There's also text in the game that suggests Pokemon Go is indeed going to be connectable sometime in the future:

    Thank you for playing Pokémon GO! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.

    Pokemon GO (location)

    Also, does anyone know the formula on how the 6-digit TID is displayed? I know it's by combining the TID and SID bytes but how do I get a specific 6-digit number that I want?

    Thanks in advance

    sidenote: Nintendo America claimed the datamine videos...

    They *may* have done away with it.

    Because apparently, Pokemon Link was also using Wondercards. The format is actually the same.

    Except, Pokemon Link saves it at a different location.

    They probably realized it pointless to have the same format in different location.

    Also, the Pokemon Go connectivity may not be direct.

    Speculation here, it could be something like:

    1. Send to Nintendo Server (and they delete it from your game)

    2. gives you a one time password/serial code to receive it as wondercard.

    Or, it's simply an event tied in to Pokemon Go.

    Buy coins in PoGo, and the portal gives your serial code that is a giveaway that is tied in with Pokemon Go.

  6. Glad to see the datamining progress going so well!

    While not as important, to add on:

    1. Scanning QR codes on Ga-ole Pokemon registers them to Pokedex as Seen.

    here are 2 examples of the scanned screen:


    It'll help with finding the rarer Pokemon.

    2. I've yet to do scan Magearna, I'll do it soon. (I'm on a japanese 3DS)

    3. I've sent dumped Gen VII wondercards to Kaphotics. I'll upload them to public when the time comes.

    He'll probably get the support up soon.

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