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  1. I used an Action Replay code to capture Red's Blastoise (in Mt. Silver) and noticed that his 85h value was "06". Any idea what this one means?
  2. Hucz

    PokéSAV Anime Edition

    I thought I would go ahead and mix things up a bit. Instead of burning out while making only Ash's Pokémon, I thought I would take a break and work on some other trainer's Pokémon instead. I wonder how far I'm willing to go…
  3. What game is this referring to, HeartGold or SoulSilver?
  4. I am not sure exactly what could of caused this issue for you. I don't mind making the PKM for you, just tell me it's information, and we'll see if that works. If not, than we can solve the problem together. Also, if you want, you can upload the PKM file to this thread, and I'll take a look at it for you.
  5. Hucz

    PID/IV Generator

    Oh my! I spoke WAY too soon. After running my Pokémon through the legality checker, you are indeed correct.
  6. Hucz

    Help + Trading

    Send PKM files to retail games, Upload PKM to Retail Game via WiFi
  7. Works great on Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.1 I second that. A great feature to have if something goes awry
  8. I'm afraid so. The statistics for the Pokémon will reset to their true values (based on the IVs).
  9. Hucz

    PID/IV Generator

    After you have inputed the Individual Values for the Pokémon, use the PID/IV button. Then click Generate. If the species of Pokémon has only one Ability, then whatever nature you choose, make sure it has a class 1. If the Pokémon species has two possible Abilities, than class 2 is what you want. If this rule isn't properly met, it's easy to tell that it's a hacked Pokémon. http://projectpokemon.org/editing/pokesav/pokesavpidivgen.php The type # of the algorithm you chose makes no difference. Just as long as the class number matches the number of possible Abilities, the Pokémon will appear legit.
  10. http://www.pkmdb.com/ http://pkmdb.webs.com/
  11. Good job, this will be helpful to those who are having a hard time understanding [THREAD=218]this thread[/THREAD].
  12. Hucz

    PokéSAV Anime Edition

    I should be OK, I'll be using High compression with 7zip to a .zip file, but thanks for the offer!
  13. Hucz

    PokéSAV Anime Edition

    I'll also look at ZIP archiving all of Ash's Pokémon into a single file, once I've finished with his.
  14. Hucz

    PokéSAV Anime Edition

    Much appreciated! Thank-you. Feel free to post anything you want. Don't forget, I'll be adding more than just Ash's Pokémon soon (Misty, Brock, Gary, etc.)
  15. I wasn't able to find an Anime/Cartoon based .PKM collection. I thought we as a community could create a thread dedicated to this theme. Please note: these files are meant to be used with Pokémon versions HeartGold & SoulSilver. I thought we could start by making Ash's Pokémon† and then go from there... † I will be using in-game Trainer Red's Pokémon as templates somewhat. What this means is, I booted up my SoulSilver game, went to go battle Red, and when I got to him, I used a code to capture his Pokémon. So far, I've only caught his Pikachu (once you capture one opponent's Pokémon, the battle ends). Pikachu's IVs were all 30. It seems as if the rest of Red's Pokémon have IVs of 30 as well. I'll confirm this soon... Note: Please feel free to post a reply with ANY helpful and accurate information so I can add it to this opening post. Ash's Pokémon Quick Links: Gary's Pokémon Quick Links: [ATTACH]4216[/ATTACH] Misty's Pokémon Quick Links: [ATTACH]4205[/ATTACH] Nurse Joy's Pokémon ASH-001 Pikachu.pkm ASH-002 Butterfree.pkm ASH-003 Pidgeot.pkm ASH-004 Bulbasaur.pkm ASH-005 Charizard.pkm ASH-006 Squirtle.pkm ASH-007 Kingler.pkm
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