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  1. I picked Bulbasaur the first time. I just like grass types. Then I restart countless times choosing the other starters.
  2. I really can't understand why this has been done. They can just recycle the sprites for the majority of the pokemon. This is really making the game look like a step backwards- at least to me. I hope this is changed.
  3. I recently found a shiny Arbok in Crystal. I was just training a Donphan I had hatched (It was a phanpy, of course) and was training it to catch up with the rest of my team. I looked in my pokedex thinking of a pokemon to replace my scyther since I had nobody to trade with to evolve it, and then I was done because I didn't know who, then I ran into the grass. Bam, Shiny Arbok. I was incredibly surprised, it was like a mettallic yellow with the patterns and mouth being blue. I had clones four masterballs so I threw one at it. It's now a very useful member of my team.
  4. Cloning has never caused me problems...but I attempted to clone my entire team earlier today. My save is fine but box 9 is now inaccessible- the only way to see it is by moving pokemon w/o mail. Looking into the box is very strange- random ?'s and symbols fill the entire screen.
  5. Hi, welcome! I'm new here too, but I like it already so I think you will too. Looks like a fancharacter. But I'm not speaking for him or anything.
  6. Ah, I've Calvin and Hobbes. It's really good, I like it. I don't own anything of it, though.
  7. How are you sure that's what's been damaged? Sure, a basketball hit it, but who knows? I'm not too keen on missingo, but I didn't think it would carry over into a new save. I heard the one in Yellow is more destructive, but still. Not sure. Only reason I'm still trying it is because the gameboy screen still shows up. I'm sure if it was unfixable maybe nothing would come up, or maybe just the Gameboy screen but without the Nintendo.
  8. I'm excited for this, but I'm honest...I'm not buying it if it's like all the other games. You know, gyms and elite 4 only. With some team of bandits on the side or something. I would not mind if the core gameplay is the same for the most part, I just want it to be mixed up a little. And since we are crossing into Generation 5... I think they should start making an effort with graphics. I'm sick of sliding sprites and beep-y cries. I don't want to hear their anime voices, but all the cries should at least get an update to sound like the new pokemon of Gen IV's cries. Since they actually soun
  9. Well, a friend very kindly gave me his Yellow (free! But I guess this proves once and for all you get what you pay for..) I had my SP at school we started it up a few times, to no success. It worked once but Pikachu was messed up. Finally it worked later. It worked fine for a while, but if I even nudged the cartridge a little the game would freeze. A light tap meant death. I lost several Nidorans to this. The point: It was glitchy the moment I got it. A couple days later I was playing it in P.E. We were inside the Gym, my friends were playing basketball. I just caught a Spearow, and then th
  10. Pikachu. Awesome, right? I think I chose Chikorita as my partner. They seemed to cover eachother (in terms of type match ups) pretty well...
  11. Pretty much- older movies like King Kong used pretty advanced dolls, though. When I do one, I use action figures. Depends, it's not always done with dolls or toys.
  12. I envy you all. I have NEVER found a shiny. I remember restarting my game just before I picked my starter in Sapphire because I wanted a shiny Treecko. In Crystal I did the same before buying a Porygon. Both failed attempts. ..... I REALLY WANT A SHINY.
  13. Jellybones


    I'm new here. ...What? I have to say more? I'm your typical teenage guy. I like Science Fiction movies- one of my most favorites ones is the Godzilla movies. I like old movies that used that awesome stop motion effect- mostly Ray Harryhausen's works. I like how he does stop motion. I'm also into video games, of course. I own a Gamecube, N64, Wii, DS, PS2, PS3, and a Gameboy SP. My favorite handheld is the DS with the console being the PS3. I'm currently into playing Bioshock 2 and Pokemon Crystal. I enjoy comic books, too! I don't own a ton (Only 4- my love for them was only just found)
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