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  1. It's been a while for me, so I haven't been able to keep up. Has a code for both IV and EV been made yet? ^ ^;;
  2. Yeah I tried to download xDelta GUI too (I'm not sure if there is suppose to be other files or something to install in order for it to work.) But right now I get this message every time I run it. Thanks for sharing though Riolu. ^^
  3. Ah, of course! I get it now~! The only problem is that now for some unknown reason xDelta GUI does not seem to work for me, I wish I knew the reason though... But really, Thanks alot anyways AuroraVirus =D I wonder if there is another type I program I can use beside xDelta
  4. Lol sorry I'm kind of new to this and a bit lost which... one is the download link? ( I know its somewhere on the first page under "Update v7") But I only see the download links for the Logos....(Unless that is the whole patch?)
  5. There seems to be some kind of trouble at the battle Subway I'm able to battle the first 2~4 trainers ( in single) then I get a blue/white screen saying something in Japanese ( I'm assuming it crashed) I'm using No$Gba btw. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
  6. Still checking for the Instant Egg + Instant Hatching Codes. -- No rush =]
  7. Anyone know a code for 1: Instant breeding Egg 2: Instant Hatch?
  8. There's a -Instant Hatch And -Instant Breeding Code right~? Just those 2~ And by the way I think you all are doing a really wonderful job ^ ^
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