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  1. Theres a thing on serbii that can calculate the stats and nevermind, it seems that when not hacked a 300 speed scyther would drop down 100 speed when it changes : ( that sucks
  2. so stats are based to pokemon only? seems like an awful amount of extra code Normally, if it has three digits, a game value can be maxed to 999, i know that health can be in pokemon, quite frankly, i just want to change scizors speed to 300 so that it = scythers since i still feel its slower than it should be
  3. A thought occured to me, would it be possible to set the stats directly with this? i mean, could you add an optional part instead of IVs and EP's that instead generates stats? considering there just memory locations, im sure they could be changed to anything up to 999
  4. I see, perhaps its a new form of packaging withing the game itself, maybe it has instructions to run whenever it sees something it doesn't like
  5. perhaps the game doesn't like exact combinations or values or even Pokemon for that matter... just a thought
  6. will do : D IT WORKS!!!! : D thank you very much, you sir are the GOD of programming I appreciate this alot (my scizor does too )
  7. Hehehe Im using a regular ds with soul silver us (or can?) now, the code is... actually, Let me regenerate a new one would a screeny of the actual editor and what i picked help?
  8. Hello, I attempted to use your tool and ran into erros, infact I joined this forum for this reason (i discovered it today so...) Anyways I made a lvl 83 adamant metagross and generated the code, i activated the code in game, and he appeared in box, then i saved, when i tried to open the save, i got a message stating that the save was corrupted, and it would revert to last save. Any ideas why this happens? Next, i tried several times to make a scizor, perhaps im doing something wrong? every time, the game crashes or freezes or does something wrong. The scizor appears as an egg with no name and no anything... I don't know exactly what i can do to fix this ( I assumed it just didnt like scizor) so tell em what you need from me to properly diagnose this problem (I want my scizor badddddddlllllyyyyyy ) but still, great program, kudos to you for it
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