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  1. I recently RNG caught a perfect IV ditto, and I know for a fact it's legit, but when I run it through the check, this comes out: What does the "Sync: Invalid" mean? I did use a Calm sync, but I don't see how it's "invalid"
  2. So I learned how to use sendpkm and HyperGTS, but I still don't know how to send a pokemon publicly to anyone that has my DNS. Anybody have a link or guide explaining how to do this and what programs are needed?
  3. I'd still like that code, if anybody makes one. (Get more pokemon from Rowan)
  4. I know it's been requested, but ever since the legend rebattle codes I've been waiting eagerly for rerecieve gift pokemon codes (Riley's Riolu, Bebe's Eevee, etc.) Can anybody make these? (since they're pretty much legends)
  5. I just used the fixed palkia one, didn't catch it, but made sure the pink thing was there, and went to the frontier, it's still blocked =/
  6. So is there a way to fix the battle frontier? Should I just use one of those new codes to fix it, or is my game permanently messed up?
  7. One of these codes has a problem, it seemed to have deleted all evidence of my rival. This includes: no access to the battle frontier (Flint and the other guy are standing outside), E4 levels are reset, I can't get into the Gym Leader house (Survival area), he is not outside that house, and Crasher Wake is standing in the road on the way to Stark Mountain, but I can't talk to him at all. I've used these rebattle codes: Giratina Dialga (the fixed on) Palkia (fixed one) Legendary Birds Regice Regirock Registeel Regigigas Darkrai Uxie + Azelf Mesprit
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