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  1. Actually, is there a way to do it on a 4 GB MicroSDHC?
  2. Thanks. Now all I need is a 2GB Micro SD. All my Micro SD cards are SDHC.
  3. Is there a US Liberty Ticket code for Black? I could really use both the wonder card and Item.
  4. How do I get a good DLDI for the Action Replay DSi?
  5. Is there a way to use the Palm OS (Palm Pilot) beam function to send mystery gift item to Gold/Silver/Crystal? if there is, please tell me.
  6. yes, but i'm trying to make my team better for link battles, not in-game battles
  7. This team is meant to have moves that are super effective on any pokemon, while remaining legitimate and tournament-legal. It was formlated to win any battle, and it does well with in-game trainer/gym/elite battles. Link battles are the problem. I have NEVER won a link battle on my HeartGold, even though I am usually a great battler and have won many battles on my other games. The team is listed below and all are at level 100. Cyndaquil @ Charcoal Nature: Timid Ability: Blaze EVs: All 85 Role: To provide a good fire type in the mix. - Headbutt - Eruption - Heat Wave - Cut Comment: This guy never leaves my side and is quite the powerhouse. The only issue is his defense. Lucario @ Black Belt Nature: Sassy Ability: Steadfast EVs: All 85 Role: To add some fighting moves in there. - Close Combat - Aura Sphere - Strength - Rock Smash Comment: My Lucario is a pretty strong one, and has knocked out many pokemon in link battles. Provide suggestions, but he is not leaving my team. Giratina @ Griseous Orb Nature: Quirky Ability: Pressure EVs: All 85 Role: To knock out as many pokemon as possible in as few turns as possible - Aura Sphere - Rock Climb - Shadow Force - Draco Meteor Comment: It may be considered an Uber, but it's tournament legal. I am willing to replace it with a non-Uber. Gyarados @ Mystic Water Nature: Quirky Ability: Intimidate EVs: All 85 Role: To add some water to the mix and lower attack of other pokemon with Intimidate - Rain Dance - Outrage - Surf - Hydro Pump Comment: This is the red Gyarados that was caught at Lake of Rage. She's fairly strong, and is good in some link battles. Claydol @ Quick Claw Nature: Docile Ability: Levitate EVs: All 0, except for attack and special attack, which are both at 255 Role: To provide good defense while delivering powerful attacks - Explosion - Earthquake - Psychic - SolarBeam Comment: of all my pokemon, I'm most likely to remove this one, due to the fact that it doesnt perform as well as I want it to. Zapdos @ Magnet Nature: Mild Ability: Pressure EVs: all 85 Role: to be a semi-powerful pokemon - Thunder - Rain Dance - Charge - Fly Comment: It really is a weak point in my team... Please provide suggestions on how to best improve the team!
  8. now I have to re-edit my pokemon in pearl and platinum... stupid hex value thread said nothing about it. http://www.projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?218-~Guide-to-44h-45h-46h-47h-and-85h-Values~
  9. make an xml i an subscribe to in ARDS code manager. also, a code to instantly win pokeathalons would be nice
  10. Can I get a code that makes my player's ID number 22839? this doesnt work 94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 10000084 00005937 D2000000 00000000
  11. the protagonists look like older versions of Dawn and Lucas (as in more grown up)
  12. Could I get a code that gives me ALL phone numbers aside from Ethan (the Codejunkies one gives me Ethan and Lyra) and the bike shop?
  13. does this work with other various codes as well?
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