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  1. Is a firewall blocking port 80 ? Because if the DS keeps trying to resolve "gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net", that means the server is not responding. If it used to work and now it doesn't work anymore, then a recent change in your firewall must be in cause.
  2. Python 2.6.6 is not a problem, it should work fine. Also, if you aren't more precise describing your problem, I doubt anyone can help you.
  3. Here it is : http://gbatemp.net/screenshots/[2981]AR2.jpg http://www.datelcustomerservice.com/images/product_shots/GBA_AR.jpg It works along with a software called "AR GBX" which can manage codes as well as extract/reinsert saves.
  4. Be careful with R4 clones... An AR GBA can backup GBA saves too ; I got mine for €3.
  5. Actually, SendPKM and the like are compatible with 136-byte Pokémon ; if your party is full, you won't notice the difference as it'll go directly into your PC and if it is not, the Pokémon will have strange stats and a Ball Capsule which you can remove by depositing it to the Day Care.
  6. Sure I will. The save and signature structures should not change from the Japanese games, so the only thing I'll have to update is the pointer address for AR codes generation (it is even possible that it remains the same). I'll also try to implement the functionalities I planned to add if I have enough time (and maybe an English translation too if I find a way to make a multi-language application).
  7. New version ? AFAIK, the latest Pokestock version is 2.4 which was released in late December, and its C-Gear Editor is v1.7, not 1.4...
  8. Précision importante : j'ai simplement créé les patches à partir des ROMs traduites de Soabia, je n'ai rien traduit sinon. Qu'on ne m'attribue pas un travail que je n'ai pas fait. ^^
  9. Lol, you're a bit late, check this post.
  10. I don't know what it means exactly as I never used the C-Gear. The original Japanese text is "裏住人" for "Back Trainers" and "表住人" for "Front Trainers". 裏住人 is pronounced "Ura jūnin" and 表住人 "Omote jūnin". I think "jūnin" is "trainer" here, and 裏 means "back, rear, reverse side, inside, undersurface" while 表 means "front, obverse, face, outside, exterior" according to Google Translate. So it is either front/back, outside/inside or visible/hidden.
  11. The original text is "挿入", which means "insert/insertion/incorporation" according to Google translation. It copies because when you select a line, the fields under the list are filled with its informations, so by pressing "Insert", you copy the line. But you still can modify the fields, so you don't actually "copy" anymore, that's an insertion.
  12. You're right, thanks. The corrected .exe is attached to this post. Sure you can. PokeCGear_1.1.zip
  13. That means "Files with extension .psk or .bmp". .psk files seem to be a kind of compressed raw data, because editing some bytes at the beginning creates repeated patterns in the whole picture. It works with normal .bmp files too, so you don't need to get special image files. BTW, I'm currently translating some parts of the C-Gear Editor with the help of HxD (hex edition), Notepad++ (bytes to Shift-JIS conversion) and Google Translation, but it is very limited because of the small length of Japanese text compared to its English translation. EDIT : The file T_BWTown.txt contains trainer names but you put Pokémon names instead... I'll also translate the item names ASAP. EDIT² : I finished translating the files for the C-Gear Editor v2.4. I had to shorten many words in the program. "Abl" is Ability, "Qty" Quantity, "Bck" Back, "Lft" Left, "Rgt" Right, "Frt/Frnt" Front, "Ctr" Center, "BlkCty" Black City, "WhtFrst" White Forest, "Chd" Challenged, "Satisf." Satisfaction (it increases when you challenge the trainer, I don't know the actual word for this). I'm unsure of what the buttons on the left of the main screen are because I never actually used the C-Gear. If someone knows about it, please tell me what is the correct translation. Here are the files (with the fixed T_BWTown.txt). The *.txt's go into POKEMAIN and the .exe (extract it before) into PokeCGear. T_BWTown.txt PokeCGear.exe.zip ItemMst2.txt
  14. xDelta GUI (Graphical User Interface) est le logiciel qui permet d'appliquer des patches xDelta. Sinon, un patch s'applique sur une version clean, çàd non patchée. Si c'est un patch anti-freeze que tu essayes d'appliquer à la ROM patchée FR, ça ne pourra pas fonctionner. Il faut d'abord patcher anti-freeze, puis appliquer le patch FR.
  15. So yes, that's not an error with port 80. I didn't see it in your previous post, did you put your computer's IP address in your DS' DNS settings ? Also, if you are doing it inside your local network, you don't have to use your external IP, nor do you need to forward the ports.
  16. netstat -a says that port 80 is "LISTENING" when no GTS server is running ? Then here's the problem. If you run netstat -ano in the Command Prompt, there should be one line looking like this : TCP LISTENING 4892 In purple, port 80 is bound to the local machine. The PID of the program listening on port 80 is in blue (different from 4892). To find what process it is associated with, either use the Task Manager or run tasklist /FI "PID eq <pid>", <pid> being the value you previously found.
  17. Is there any program such as Skype or a webserver running on your computer ?
  18. Les liens du post de soabia sont ceux des ROMs prépatchées. Quand à mon patch xDelta, il fonctionne très bien ; à moins que tu parles d'un autre ? Pour la traduction, c'est simple ; il faut extraire les fichiers de la ROM avec un programme comme ndstool, puis ouvrir certains NARCs (a/0/0/2 et a/0/0/3 il me semble) avec PPTXT (posté sur le forum ici par SCV). Ensuite, traduire les textes, puis remplacer les originaux (jap ou eng) par la traduction française. Enfin, sauvegarder les changements, recompiler les NARCs puis repacker la ROM.
  19. An Acekard2i is a really good choice too, and much cheaper than a SuperCard DS2.
  20. I have made a program to achieve this a long, long time ago ; I made a Googlecode for it quite recently which you can find here : http://code.google.com/p/pokemon-signature-editor/. The program is written in VB.NET 2008, and thus needs the .NET Framework 3.5 to work. It handles both AR code creation and save modification, for every DS game (D/P/Pt/HG/SS/B/W) with AR generation for every language (excepted Black and White obviously which are only available in Japanese). It automatically converts colored images into monochrome with the possibility to adjust brightness but doesn't resize them. You can also preview the result on a trainer card which adapts to the game you chose, and change the color of this card by selecting the amount of stars from 0 to 5 (ex. : in DPPt and HGSS, 5 stars = black card). There is also the possibility to extract the signature image from a save into a file, or generate an AR code from it. Sadly, I didn't have the time to translate it in English yet ; it's still in French at the moment as I created it for a French forum. An English translation as well as an animated view of the signature for B/W is planned, but I'm really busy and I can't find enough time to continue. :\
  21. Another Python script is probably still running in the background and prevents the new one from binding to port 80. I don't know Mac OS X, but you should be able to kill every instance of Python running. If it doesn't work, try to see what is using port 80 and terminate it.
  22. Salut, J'ai créé un patch pour chaque ROM avec xdelta 3.0z. J'ai utilisé la commande xdelta3 -e -s <ROM_clean_Jap>.nds <ROM_FR>.nds <patch_FR>.patch Testés et fonctionnels avec xDelta UI mais pas xDelta GUI (pour xDelta UI, il faut lui demander d'afficher tous les fichiers (*.*) pour qu'il trouve les .patch). J'ai également fait un script en .BAT pour chaque version, il suffit de glisser/déposer la ROM clean JAP correspondante dessus pour qu'il crée automatiquement la ROM patchée avec le suffixe "_FR-7.06". Voilà le lien pour le pack contenant les patches, xDelta UI, les scripts .BAT et deux programmes nécessaires pour ces scripts (xdelta3.exe et choice.exe) : http://www.mediafire.com/file/zn2462wki39coz7/Patches%20BW%207.06.7z. Bon jeu.
  23. Nice flaw in their implementation of HTTPS. Data is base64-encoded with "=" replaced with "*", so it is easy to decode. Too bad it doesn't work for the wondercard server, indeed; it would have been really helpful. Here are the decoded requests/replies (\x00 is the null-byte): Log1: POST /ac HTTP/1.0 Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Host: nas.nintendowifi.net User-Agent: Nitro WiFi SDK/2.2 HTTP_X_GAMECD: CPUE Connection: close Content-Length: 270 action=login&gsbrcd=&sdkver=002002&userid=0956771976516&passwd=571&bssid=0014bfd9560b&apinfo=01:0000000-00&gamecd=CPUE&makercd=01&unitcd=0&macadr=001b7a5e8ada&lang=01&birth=091d&devtime=101213140907&devname=V\x00e\x00t\x00l\x00e\x00 Reply1: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/plain Content-Length: 235 Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 13:10:00 GMT Connection: close Server: GameCube challenge=OHXZTGBY&locator=gamespy.com&retry=0&returncd=001&token=NDSvA1cG+QkQQKaXlwdPfn6GSGg4VnWUr/WaOpKPxsiqxww/g9+aZzHJKwqklglgypbZteZ8f0dY74QW+nNnF2ZTA==&datetime=20101213131001 Log2: POST /ac HTTP/1.0 Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Host: nas.nintendowifi.net User-Agent: Nitro WiFi SDK/2.2 HTTP_X_GAMECD: CPUE Connection: close Content-Length: 270 action=login&gsbrcd=&sdkver=002002&userid=0956771976516&passwd=571&bssid=0014bfd9560b&apinfo=01:0000000-00&gamecd=CPUE&makercd=01&unitcd=0&macadr=001b7a5e8ada&lang=01&birth=091d&devtime=101213141952&devname=V\x00e\x00t\x00l\x00e\x00 Reply2: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/plain Content-Length: 235 Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 13:20:44 GMT Connection: close Server: GameCube challenge=R1SFBOAU&locator=gamespy.com&retry=0&returncd=001&token=NDSHqRieJOWJNiNw0fZu8lDvcPCFxxYhvKhSg1cRp0w8R8lFzeaH1wSPXfUQv/OMayrS0bTfzzkJDXicqkD1j4wIg==&datetime=20101213132045 Log3: POST /ac HTTP/1.0 Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Host: nas.nintendowifi.net User-Agent: Nitro WiFi SDK/2.2 HTTP_X_GAMECD: CPUE Connection: close Content-Length: 270 action=login&gsbrcd=&sdkver=002002&userid=0956771976516&passwd=571&bssid=0014bfd9560b&apinfo=01:0000000-00&gamecd=CPUE&makercd=01&unitcd=0&macadr=001b7a5e8ada&lang=01&birth=091d&devtime=101213142947&devname=V\x00e\x00t\x00l\x00e\x00 Reply3: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/plain Content-Length: 235 Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 13:30:40 GMT Connection: close Server: GameCube challenge=2PPZRMF7&locator=gamespy.com&retry=0&returncd=001&token=NDSty3DaDqPFvOHcGdwkC1kh8HA39F1eQ3RdOtn1bPEKnj5vFyGcuz8eRO4D4VmtYcw5JN3IWE585kLavBDaHDATw==&datetime=20101213133040 The "token" value in replies is another base64-encoded value preceded by "NDS". It is raw data when decoded, like random bytes.
  24. Vlad made a PHP script that distributes Pokémon just like SendPKM, but it uses a Python script to handle Pokémon encryption/decryption, so it is not pure PHP.
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